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Automatic Floor Scrubbers Are No Longer A Luxury

While shopping with my family the other day, we saw a custodian mopping the floor. Both the water and mop were extremely dirty and as was the floor she had just “cleaned.” My first thought was to wonder why they didn’t use an automatic floor scrubber. She was working really hard and getting poor results.

It frustrates me when custodians put so much effort into cleaning but are not given the best tools for the job. A basic walk behind floor scrubber would completely change the level of cleaning at this facility for the better.

Automatic Floor Scrubbers Are A Necessity

The single biggest advance of the last 50 years in the cleaning industry is the automatic floor scrubber. For decades, the mop and bucket were the standard an in many cases, still is. No body rides in a buggy pulled by a horse, uses mules to plow or a manual lawn mowers any more, but are still using the mop and bucket to clean.

If you are cleaning any amount of hard surface floor, an automatic floor scrubber is the best tool for the job. Mop and buckets are no longer a viable option.

Why The Mop and Bucket Are Outdated

When you clean a floor with a mop the rinse water gets dirty. The more you mop, the dirtier it gets. Before you know it, you are cleaning with the dirty water. Over time, this leads to a build-up of dirt and chemical residue on the floor. It is impossible for anyone to use a mop and bucket and get as much dirt as an automatic scrubber. No matter how much time they put into it.

According to studies, mopping only removes 30-40% of the dirt from the floor. And that is best case. Realistically, it’s more like 20%. That is a lot of work, to maybe get a third of the job done. This isn’t baseball, it’s cleaning!

Automatic floor scrubbers capture as much as 95% of the dirt. They also take a lot less effort, resulting in fewer injuries and more productive employees. More work for the same price? Sign me up!

How An Automatic Floor Scrubber Works

Basically, automatic floor scrubbers consist of 3 main systems. The solution dispensing system, the scrubbing system and the solution recovery system. These three systems work in unison to leave the floor clean and dry.

As the scrubber moves along the floor, the solution dispensing system distributes clean water to the scrubbing system. The scrubbing system agitates the solution on the floor, releasing soils. The dirty water is then immediately removed by the solution recovery system, usually via a squeegee and vacuum.

You clean floors while walking behind (or riding on) the machine. As a result, the floor is left clean and dry in a fraction of the time. This significantly reduces floor cleaning labor hours. Cleaning times can be cut by as much as 75%!

The best part is that the floor actually gets cleaned.

Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers

The most common type of automatic floor scrubber is the walk behind floor scrubber. These very simple machines can quickly replace several mop and bucket setups with a very low cost. Some of the cheapest models can be purchased for less than $2,000! This cost can be easily justified and cost savings can be realized.

A walk behind floor scrubbers of today are small and compact. They are easy to operate and clean. The best part is, with some very basic maintenance they will last for years.

More than just for daily floor cleaning, these multipurpose tools can be grabbed for quick spill clean up, spot floor cleaning and even to speed up the floor stripping process.

Walk behind floor scrubbers head options include: rotary, cylindrical and even square oscillating. This makes it possible to get the right small walk behind scrubber for your needs and to get the best results.

Automatic floor scrubbers have changed the way floors are cleaned. There are many different styles to choose from on the market but all are an improvement over the traditional mop and bucket. In these times we are all looking for ways to improve the cleanliness while saving money and time. These essential tools should be your first step.

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