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6 Back Pack Vacuum Advantages You May Not Realize

Do you use a back pack vacuum? You should be. There are many back pack vacuum advantages that many have yet to adopt.

The concept of the back pack vacuum is very simple. There is a canister that contains a motor, filters and collection bag. This is connected to a light weight wand by way of a hose. The wand typically has a floor tool attached that swivels. Once you place the canister on your back with the shoulder straps all you have to do is adjust the fit to be comfortable and start vacuuming.

Although early designs were revolutionary in the cleaning business, they did have some drawbacks including comfort, weight, heat dispersal and maneuverability. That has all changed.

Here Are 6 Back Pack Vacuum Advantages

1. Limited Maintenance

Since back pack vacuums are direct suction, meaning there is no brush or belt blocking the flow of air, there is nothing to break or clog. Clogs can occur if the volume of debris is extreme, but items such as pebbles, paper clips, wood chips and even pen caps are not a problem to pick up. There is usually a replaceable paper bag and filter that will need to be replaced but no major replacement items. Less downtime makes everyone happy!

2. More Than The Floor

Back pack vacuums are great for more than just cleaning the floor. Because you don’t have a bulky machine on the floor, it is possible to reach a lot more places. Window sills, vents, cobwebs up in the corner. Almost anywhere you can reach, you can use a back pack vacuum. When you have a telescopic wand, reaching new heights and places is as easy as sliding the floor tool off and adding a dusting or crevasse tool.

3. Quiet

No one likes to be distracted. This usually makes vacuuming an after hours event. With technology advancing everyday, back pack vacuums are more quiet all the time. The fact that they don’t have brush motors that add excess noise makes them great for accomplishing more during business hours.

4. Go Places No Other Type of Vacuum Can Go

Without the limiting factor of a big canister or upright body, back pack vacuums let you get in areas other types of vacuums wouldn’t reach. I love being able to get those dust bunnies behind desks and cubicles. You can even get those areas behind trash cans where no one has seen since the carpet was new!

5. Not Just For Carpet

We tend to think of vacuuming as a carpet only operation. But with back pack vacuums, you can pretty much vacuum any type of floor. Instead of grabbing a broom, put on your back pack vacuum. Brooms have been shown to stir up dust which leads to more cleaning. When you vacuum a pile of dust rather than sweeping it, the debris gets captured and thrown away without worrying if it will settle back down to fight another day.

6. Stand Tall and Save Your Back

Vacuuming is one of the worst activities you can do on a regular basis for your back. The twisting action combined with the weight of the machine itself puts an unnatural strain on your body. Because back pack vacuums mainly use a light weight wand, there is a lot less demand for your back and arms. If you have a good harness built into the unit, you will hardly even notice you are wearing it!

What Is To Come For Back Pack Vacuums?

It seems like I am always find more back pack vacuum advantages. As they become more popular, their uses are always evolving. With cordless back pack vacuums entering the market and technology making them even more effective all the time, who know? You may find yourself relying on back pack vacuums for a lot more than you ever did your upright. I know I do.


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    • BaldGuyClean
      BaldGuyClean says:

      Hi Sherry. Unfortunately most people use these until they die because they really do last and last. There are some really good models available for under $150. Trust me, they are worth it!


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