Backpack Vacuums Improve Indoor Air Quality

Backpack Vacuums Improve Air Quality and Comfort

There are many choices on the market today for vacuum cleaners. Everything from the ultra light weight fancy (and expensive) models to having a central vacuum installed in your home.  Through the years it seems that everyone has focused on cleaning the carpet, but what about the health and comfort of the user? Backpack vacuums improve indoor air quality while making cleaning comfortable. And they make it possible to clean in those hard to reach areas too!

I have been using a backpack vacuums for years both on the job and around my house. To be honest, I rarely use my uprights anymore because they are simply not as handy.

Here are just a few of the benefits of backpack vacuums:

More Effective at Removing Dirt From Carpet

With an upright vacuum you typically have a brush roller that agitates the carpet. This actually stirs up dust that escapes the vacuum of the machine. This goes into the air for you and your family to breathe. Backpack vacuums are almost always direct suction.

This is helpful in a couple of ways. It forms a better suction with the floor that allows much less dust and dirt back into the air. It also has no brush belts to replace. If there is a loose strand of carpet, it will not make it pull. The turning brush can wrap the yarn, pulling an un-repairable line across some types of carpet.

Much More Maneuverable

You can reach areas under and behind furniture very easily. Without having to stop and change brush heads or pull out a wand as you have to with upright vacuums. You will find yourself more apt to tackling additional tasks when it is easier.

Also, since there is no brush to grab those unknown objects, you don’t have to worry about damaging cords or other unseen obstacles. Around my house, Legos are fair game. If the backpack vacuum finds them before you do, they are gone.

You can also easily go from carpet to hard floors as well. This is a great advantage when tasked with cleaning different types of flooring. Stairs are also simple to clean!

You Can Vacuum More Than The Carpet

Since the motor and canister of the machine are kept comfortably out of the way, you are free to raise the light weight wand or hose up off the floor and reach places that you would typically need a ladder for.

Ceiling fans, plant ledges, light fixtures, vents and baseboards are just part of the process. No need for those dreaded full day projects. This helps to control even more dust and air pollution that goes unchecked with most other types of vacuums.

When you vacuum these areas rather than wiping them, you put less dust back into the air. Backpack vacuums improve indoor air quality simply by being able to get to the areas that normally don’t get cleaned.

Backpack Vacuums are Easier on You

Our backs and hips are designed to support weight. Our arms are not. When you are using an upright vacuum, you are pushing several pounds repeatedly in awkward directions. The result is sore arms, wrists, and even shoulders and back.

With the backpack, the weight of the machine is where we are suppose too support it, on our backs. Without the extra housing, wheels and handle that upright have, backpack vacuums weigh a lot less than you would think. Most are less than 10 pounds empty.

Because you only have to move the wand and hose, there is less risk of fatigue from repetitive motions. Moving less bulk also means less damaged walls and furniture as well.

If it is more comfortable to vacuum, you are likely to spend more time vacuuming, right? More vacuuming means less dirt. Less dirt means cleaner air.

Backpack Vacuums Improve Indoor Air Quality

Most have very efficient filtration systems and some have H.E.P.A. options available as well. If you are going to go to the trouble to vacuum, make sure your vacuum cleaner isn’t putting the dirt back in the air. It is really amazing how much backpack vacuums improve indoor air quality!

Backpack vacuums very in specification based on the manufacturer. Much like anything else you wear, they need to fit you. Most have very adjustable
shoulder and waste straps to fit just about anyone.  There are many different configurations and designs so find one that is right for you. Like I tell everyone who objects at first to the idea of a trying a backpack vacuum, if you just give it a chance you will like it. I have not had anyone want to give it back.

Find many different styles and models of backpack vacuums here. If you have any questions about the use or specs of specific units, drop me a line in the
comments section of this post.

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    • BaldGuyClean
      BaldGuyClean says:

      Thanks for your question. I am not really brand focused when picking out a back pack vacuum. The most important things for me are to make sure it fits comfortably, the weight is distributed properly and that the wand is able to be adjusted to fit the user.
      Any model from any reputable brand will be backed by a warranty so quality is not usually a big concern. If it doesn’t fit the user correctly, in their mind, it isn’t any good.

    • Jorge
      Jorge says:

      It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who finds those compressed air can thgnis completely useless in cleaning crap out of my electronics. It’s bad enough taht they’re bad for the environment, they also don’t work as well as the price tag says they should. Thank goodness for this attachment set! All hype aside, this product works exactly as the makers claim. Use the power of your vacuum to get all the crap out of your keyboard, CPU, stereo and anywhere else. I particularly like the brushes. I’ve also found that the dust I’m after is stubborn. You really do need the full power of a vacuum to get at it. So forget those handheld deals that hook into your USB port or whatever. This product is cheaper than a lot of them and works better than all of them.

  1. Yvan
    Yvan says:

    My husband bohugt me one of these for Christmas, and it is the best present ever! It has stronger suction than a central vac. I vacuumed all of the hard surfaces in my large house in less than 20 minutes (including the stairs). It is super lightweight (I am a very small person so I was worried about it being too heavy) and so easy to use. It takes a minute to set up, but I can clean so much faster than a regular upright. This vacuum is going to completely change the way I clean. I have three sons and a dog and it picks EVERYTHING up. Awesome!


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