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Brown Paper Is No Longer Only Post Consumer

Is Brown Paper Cheaper?

While browsing the headlines to day, I saw this article from the Wall Street Journal on the brown paper trend to promote green cleaning. It reminded me of a humorous encounter I had while selling paper products early in my career.

Years ago, when I first made the switch to selling cleaning supplies from managing cleaning operations, I was working the showroom for a cleaning supply distributor. A very nice lady came in and was asking about paper products for her church. She explained that the church didn’t really have a paper program in place and that they had been relying on members to supply their toilet tissue and towels. I guess this system had faultered, leaving them out of supplies during a busy Sunday service.

She was asking about dispensers and the different types of paper, their quality and prices. I explained the difference between folded and roll towels, bleached and kraft or brown paper towels and that the brown paper was typically the less expensive choice. Then we moved on to the bath tissue where I explained two-ply and single ply, embossed and that there were several grades of each.

Being a good student and watching out for the church’s budget she promptly asked, “Does it come in brown?” To which I replied without missing a beat, “Only post consumer.”

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