microfiber mop heads

Microfiber Mop Heads – What You Need To Know

I have been using flat microfiber mop heads for years. In fact, they are the only mops I use anymore. They are really just a better product, all around, than traditional string mops. Except for a few, very specific applications, string mops should be a thing of the past. The one big problem I have seen people have with them, is choosing the correct hardware and mop style for their individual use. Let’s see if we can’t correct that for you.

When microfiber flat mops first hit the scene about 15 years ago, quite honestly, they were awful. The microfiber material itself was very cleaned very effectively. But using them in everyday cleaning situations was not practical. The tightly woven, cloth material would grab and hold so much dirt, so fast, that the mop became counterproductive almost instantly.

Because there wasn’t a way to rinse and wring them out, we were forced to have a huge stock of clean mop heads, and keep changing the constantly. Not to mention that they were only useful on a smooth tile floor. These were not good for floors with grout lines or texture. The microfiber mop heads would go right over the top or worse, grab on, and make the mop feel like it weighed a ton.

Basically, they were great for residential use or for small areas, but commercial use was next to impossible.

Enter The New Age Of Microfiber Mop Heads

I knew how microfiber worked to clean, but it was not until I was introduced to looped microfiber mop heads, that I began to warm up to the idea. Once I got a chance to spend some time experimenting with these innovative little gems, I was sold on the effectiveness of them, but there were still a few logistical issues to overcome. “How do you clean them?” “How do you rinse and wring them?” Those questions have been answered and over this series of posts, I will address these and many other obstacles that have been overcome to make microfiber flat mops the most effective and practical way to clean floors and much more.

Types of Flat Microfiber Mop Heads

As I mentioned, the first generation of microfiber flat mops were not very practical for the average floor cleaner. The newer styles though, make it not only practical, but actually cost effective and easier on the person using them.

Let me first define what I mean by the “style” of microfiber flat mop. “Style” to me means the system in whole. So the mop head and material it is made from, the handle or hardware needed to hold the mop head as well as any buckets, wringers or tools needed to make them work. Often times, a certain design of mop head may work for you, but the means in which it is used is completely impractical for your specific application. So this is why I am talking about microfiber flat mop systems rather than just the mop head, handle or bucket individually.

There are 3 main styles I am going to focus on and account for about 80% of the microfiber flat mops out there. They are:

  • Bucket-less Mop Systems
  • Charging Systems
  • Wring-able Systems

Before you jump to the comments section to say “What About….” please realize that I am focusing on the systems that are the most common. I want hear about anything new you may have come across. I love new innovations! But my focus, for this article is on the systems that I know are common place, effective and practical. With that out of the way, lets begin learning about microfiber flat mops!

Choosing A Flat Microfiber Mop Head

What Are You Cleaning?

The surface you are trying to clean are a major factor in choosing the best microfiber flat mop for you. If you are cleaning heavy dirt and grime, then you will need a way to easily rinse out the mop head. This is where a wring-able system, otherwise you will need a lot of mop heads.

New styles of flat microfiber mop heads are much better than they used to be. They grab and hold a lot more dirt. And if you don’t have a way to clean them, they will quickly begin to leave dirt behind. And this will make you want to throw it out the window. We don’t want that.

On the other hand, if you are cleaning a series of restrooms or patient care rooms, you probably don’t want to use the same mop head in every restroom. Doing so would lead cross contamination and possibly spread bacteria from one to the other. Not good!

This is where a charging system or a bucket-less mop system will probably work better.

Where Are You Cleaning?

If you are cleaning in a healthcare setting, as mentioned above, you need to think about cross contamination. If you are cleaning a classroom you need to think about water sources, time and avoiding obstacles like desks and children. In an office setting you probably are trying to clean small areas like break rooms and small tiled areas around carpet. Or in a restaurant dealing with grease and drink spills.

The environment in which you clean, has a big impact on which microfiber flat mop system you need.

Do You Have Laundry Available?

One of the best things about microfiber flat mop systems is that the mop heads can be washed. For some people, the downside to microfiber flat mop systems is that they NEED to be washed. Not everyone has the ability to launder their mops on a regular basis.

While this may seem like a deal breaker, there are options for you. Small, compact microfiber washing machines make it possible to wash microfiber mop heads almost anywhere.

How Much Do You Want To Invest?

As with any type of tool, there is a cost. Depending on what you are willing or able to invest in a flat microfiber mop head system can be a factor in which one will be the best for you. Taking time to weigh the options and benefits will help you to make a smarter choice. If at all possible, invest in your cleaning tools and equipment. Flat microfiber mop heads allow you to provide the best results and save your budget.

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