kenny brooks selling cleaning chemical

Cleaning Chemical – Selling Kenny Brooks Style

Cleaning Chemical Selling – Kenny Brooks Style

I have known sales people my entire life, many of which sold cleaning chemical. I have never wanted to buy something as bad as I want to buy this. Not because of the cleaning product, but because of the sales person. It isn’t the product that sells, it’s the results of the product and the result of this product is the entertainment provided by the person selling it. (Well it also looks like it works too!)

I would buy this cleaning chemical from Kenny Brooks.

“I have a disease called Enthusiasm” Kenny Brooks does a lot of talking in this video, but when you listen to what he has to say, he does know what he is talking about. Cleaning is science and you have to have at the minimum, a little knowledge of what you are using.

Cleaning chemical selling can be a hazardous activity. If you do not know what your product can do or more importantly, what it cannot do. I have demonstrated cleaning chemical and flopped. I never tell anyone that it will absolutely work. Because, as soon as you do, you are going to run into something that it won’t clean.

Over Selling A Cleaning Chemical

If you sell cleaning or cleaning chemicals, you should know what you are selling. Too often, I talk to customers that say they know more than the sales people they deal with. And you know what? They do! Cleaning is a personal activity. It takes a lot of work, but you can draw a lot of pride from it as well.

When a sales person tells a customer that their product can absolutely solve their problem, it becomes a challenge to prove them wrong. I’ve always approached it as a team effort. I know my products. I know what I have done with them. It may be the best cleaning product ever, but I have never used them in your facility. Your unique and personal to you, facility. So if you are having a problem, or cannot get a certain area clean, lets go try what I have. Lets troubleshoot it together.

Kenny here, solves problems and adds some fun to it as well. Way to go Kenny Brooks. You are a true sales person.

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