cleaning equipment cost

Cleaning Equipment At What Cost?

There is a lot of time spent comparing  negotiating and shopping for the best price for cleaning equipment and supplies. After all, the hard dollars spent on an automatic scrubber, a vacuum or restroom cleaning equipment is easily measurable and the quickest path to closing the purchasing project, right?

Cleaning Equipment Commitment

Once the purchase has been made, then it is up to the staff to make it work. The subject is closed until the next time a purchase needs to be made. We all know this isn’t the case. There are things like labor, maintenance cost, projected equipment lifespan and risk reduction that should be factored in as well. But one aspect that is there is another aspect that is often overlooked.

Automatic Scrubbers vs. Mop and Bucket

One of the obvious examples of price vs. cost in the cleaning industry is the auto scrubber vs. the good ole’ mop and bucket. Why in the world would anyone spend thousands of dollars on a piece of equipment for cleaning floors when they could buy a mop bucket, wringer, mop handle and a couple of mop heads anywhere for less than $100? Because there is a lot more to evaluate than the cost of floor cleaning equipment. At face value, the cost of the mop and bucket would make sense, right? Either way, someone is going to have to physically put it to use. But the difference is that the person using a mop and bucket will take as much as 8 times as long to clean the area as someone with even the most basic of automatic scrubbers.

Digging into the reality a little deeper, studies have shown that a mop and bucket typically removes only about 35% of dirt from a floor where an automatic floor scrubber will remove 90-95%. Add in the fact that it takes a lot less effort, leaving the person cleaning the floor with more energy to keep cleaning, and all of a sudden, the dollars begin adding up.

Does Saved Time Really Equate To Saved Money?

I have heard the argument that “Our labor budget is set so we will spend the money anyway regardless of how long it takes.” If that is the case then I don’t ever want to hear the excuse that there isn’t enough time to clean.

Time saved in one area allows other areas to be addressed. That’s the beauty of the cleaning industry. There is always more work to be done and being able to maximize the time and dollars allotted goes a long way toward reduced facility repair costs, improved indoor air quality and an over-all cleaner facility. So make the most of the time and money you have to spend by automating anything you can.

Cleaning equipment should be viewed as a necessity rather than an expense. If you are not constantly looking for ways to get better results with less time and/or effort, before you know it, you will be out of money and time.

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  1. nicole hinderliter
    nicole hinderliter says:

    I personally prefer to use a machine over the old traditional way due to the fact that i have noticed with a machine that does floors they come out a lot cleaner and in better shape and makes a office floor look much better compared to the traditional mop that makes the floor look dirty still.

    Look forward to reading more useful information from you as well.

  2. Juris Ainsworth
    Juris Ainsworth says:

    I am glad that I came across this article and read about how you differentiated the scrubber and the mop and bucket. Like you said, the mop and bucket might be the better choice when it comes to saving money, however, using them will take more time than when the scrubbers are used. I think I need to talk to my sister about this because she’s planning to buy cleaning supplies for the small business that she owns, and she asked me to research. I will discuss this with her and let her decide which is better. Thank you.


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