cleaning sends message

Cleaning Sends Your Message

Business’ and organizations are constantly being forced to find ways to attract and retain customers. They bend over backwards to give deeper discounts, provide better products and spend thousands of dollars on advertising to lure new business.

Schools are no different. They push for better educational supplies and more funding to provide a safer, healthier learning environment for students, yet cleaning gets over looked when it comes to restrooms and classrooms? With the scare of disease and illness threatening us every day, somehow, we still have a long way to go when it comes to providing clean restrooms.

The main reason is that people don’t understand where the problems come from. They use a mop to clean the floors, glass cleaner to wipe down mirrors, toilet bowl cleaner on the commodes, but they are still faced with dirty restrooms at the end of the day? Despite hours of work, thousands of dollars spent on cleaning products and major upgrades to facilities, when the door is opened smells and stains are still staring you in the face.

With some basic changes to procedure and products, these issues can go away in a very short time.  First, look at the products you are using. Have you read the label? This is not always the answer, but in most cases it will help.  Too many times, cleaners are used at too high of a dilution and used in the wrong areas, which is not only un-effective, but very costly and can be dangerous. What happens when you use it? Do the floors become sticky? Does it leave the surface clean or streaked? Do soils reappear more quickly after you use it? Do odors seem to be covered up?

Cleaning Products Working Against Us

If a floor cleaner leaves the floors sticky, then they are re-attracting dirt, that you have to remove. This dirt also attracts bacteria that lead to more odors. The same is true for window, toilet bowl and general purpose cleaners as well. The goal is to remove the soils, not make surfaces sticky!

A good rule to follow when selecting cleaning products, is no color and no fragrance. These are added by using detergents and oils. Both can cause a residue that will attract more soil to a surface if not removed.

How you use any product will affect the results as well. Using an acid cleaner incorrectly will cause damage to the surface and may be harmful to the user. Many products can damage floors and provide a breeding ground for bacteria, causing odors. These areas also get overlooked under and behind places that are difficult to reach. Just wiping off the sink tops, and scrubbing the toilet bowl will not fix restroom issues.

Restrooms are a very personal area for people. The image of an organization can be made or lost on how these facilities are maintained.

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  1. Briana
    Briana says:

    This reminds me of every time I walk into a business, especially restaurants, and the floors are extra tacky. You can tell that it was cleaned, but it doesn’t really give the best impression as your feet stick to the floor and make an interesting noise as you walk across it. And you’re right, restrooms can be a deal breaker, depending on the business, on whether or not I want to return.


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