cleaning is a waste of money

Cleaning Is A Waste Of Money…

The amount of money that is spent in cleaning industry each year is estimated to be $100 billion . That’s right. With a “B”. And it continues to increase, even in these difficult economic times. When you add in the popularity of green cleaning and green cleaning products, who knows how high it will go. What this means is, as a society, we are concerned about maintaining clean environments. And while we are spending huge amounts of money each year to clean, I feel that much of it is wasted.

Wasted Cleaning Time, Effort and Money

Being in the janitorial supply industry for many years, I have had the opportunity to see the cost of clean first hand in just about every type of environment there is. From healthcare facilities and schools to manufacturing and industrial facilities, there are very few places I have seen that were not wasting a large part of their cleaning budgets through inefficient practices, lack of technology and the really big one, no idea of what the results of their work should be.

When multi-million dollar buildings are built, only to realize a week after opening that floor and carpet maintenance equipment were not included in the budget, the cost of clean higher than it needs to be.
When custodians mop floors with equipment and chemicals that remove very little if any dirt at a snail’s pace, money is being wasted.
When countless hours are spent performing cleaning tasks that only result surface residues and foul smells, there is a problem.

Spending More While Cleaning Less

The price of toilet paperOne of the most competitive segments of our industry is on paper products. The price of a roll of toilet paper is scrutinized down to the cost per inch. While this minuscule expense is being examined under a microscope, janitors and custodians in the same building are taking hours to perform tasks with antiquated tools and procedures. Worst of all, their efforts aren’t even resulting in clean facilities.
The fact is, even when you work hard, and do your best, if you are doing the wrong thing, the goal is not accomplished.

Until we begin to recognize that cleaning is a science and a make it a priority to educate ourselves and employees on what clean really looks like,  the only green cleaning being performed is in the form of dollars spent.


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  1. Frank Caruso
    Frank Caruso says:

    We need more trained and consultant type salespeople more than ever. Even in selling the product many companies (I’m saying all) are not making the effort to train product specialists.

  2. Chris Terrell
    Chris Terrell says:

    This article is illustrating a very important issue. People don’t think that cleaning is a big deal or that complicated. As a result shoddy and weak RFP’s are put out there and as a result bad bids are put together or the customer is not asking for what they really need.

    This is why more large buildings need to contract out to janitorial specialists to create RFP’s and make the selections. Those that do this are much happier with their service and it keeps the riff raff bottom feeding contractors out of the way.

  3. Larry fagan
    Larry fagan says:

    I totally agree . After 35 years in the industry one thing I found to be true was that the people I called on and explained this to of all of this people maybe 20% became customers the other 80% squabbled over the cost of paper towels.


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