Cleaning Public Restrooms

Cleaning Public Restrooms No Shortcuts

When it comes to visiting public restrooms, I always have an opinion on the cleanliness. Either it is a positive one or it’s one that comes with some constructive criticism on cleaning public restrooms.

Having cleaned public restrooms for decades, I would like to say that I have seen it all. But unfortunately, I know this isn’t true. It amazes me how people treat public restrooms. I know it is not the personal sanctuary you probably enjoy at home, but it is still a very personal space for most people. Taking a little more pride in the facilities or showing respect for other peoples property is just the right thing to do.

Oh Toilet Paper Spindle. Why do you have to be so difficult!

Cleaning Public Restrooms

Those of us that have cleaned public restrooms know the challenges. Between disrespectful users and the struggle to just keep up, we need to take advantage of every short cut we can at times.

In the image of the toilet paper, it appears that someone just couldn’t figure out how to properly load the toilet paper dispenser. I get it. I’ve been there. Some dispensers have keys that would prevent you from properly loading the paper on the spindle. But in this case, no key was needed. It just simply takes a little more time.

I would imagine that shortly after this picture was taken, so was the toilet paper. Trust me, people steal toilet paper like it is gold!

Using Public Restrooms

What does the improperly loaded toilet paper spindle say to the user? I cannot stand seeing toilet paper that is not loaded correctly. It’s even worse when it is just sitting on the back of the toilet.

For one thing, I have no idea how many times the roll has fallen on the floor! Even the cleanest public restroom floor is too dirty for the toilet paper 5 second rule.

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