cleaning thoughts from BaldGuyClean

Cleaning Thoughts From The Bald Guy

I spend a lot of time thinking about cleaning. I do research. Put what I learn into practice. And I like to share my experiences. I wanted to share some of my cleaning thoughts because there is a bunch of scary information out there.

As I scan the internet, there is a lot of information being poured out to the cleaning world. It is great to see this kind of activity, but the thing about the internet is that anyone can publish content. I like to think that the majority of it is well-meaning and created with helpfulness in mind, there is some that is just plain wrong. Regardless of the purpose behind the misinformation, there are a few that stick out in my mind and I would like to just get them out there.

Some of these topics I have covered in past post, some will be future post and some are just my opinion. If you agree, disagree or would like to express your opinions, experiences etc.. please do so in the comments are below. As stated in the second thought, I am always open to new information!

BaldGuyClean’s Cleaning Thoughts

If it seems too good to be true, then try it for yourself. I am not saying it doesn’t work, but always try it for yourself.

Stay open to new technology and ideas. There are breakthroughs happening all the time in the cleaning business. It has not been too many years ago that floor finish, the high-speed burnisher, and ride on scrubbers were viewed as fads.

If it doesn’t look clean, then it is not. While looking clean does not answer the question either, appearance is a good place to start.

You Cannot Have Too Much Entrance Matting. Save yourself a lot of time and money by investing in as much quality entrance matting as possible.

Dirty water does not mean the floor or carpet is clean. Prove it to yourself. Get a bucket of clean water, then add a few little dashes of dirt to it. You will see that it does not take much dirt to make the water dirty. This goes for mopping, scrubbing and carpet cleaning.

There is no such thing as a 1 step disinfectant. Yes, you may be able to disinfect a surface in one step, but there are additional steps that need to be taken before you get to disinfecting. Read the label first.

One product will not clean everything. There have been some great cleaning products introduced to the industry over the years. Many of them can do a lot of cleaning. None of them can do all of the cleaning though, regardless of how Simple they are to use or how Fabulous they may smell.

Don’t use bleach to clean.

Homemade cleaning products are a waste of time. Unless you are using water. That actually works pretty good.

Don’t buy ready to use products. They are a waste of money, time and are usually over diluted which leads to residue.

Color does not make a cleaner work better. I had a housekeeper tell me once that the glass cleaner they were using was not “Blue Enough.” Dyes used to add color to chemicals actually cause residues and streaks.

Smell indicates a lack of cleaning. This is true for both good odors and bad odors. The smell of clean is nothing.

Urinal Screens only serve one purpose. That is to stop cigarette butts and bubble gum from going down the drain. Other than that, they just cause mineral deposits and bacteria to grow. If you have to use them, remove them every time you clean.

Imitation cherry smell makes me think of dirty bathrooms. 

Clean your cleaning tools. It not only helps you clean better, but makes you look and feel more professional. Take time to clean the tools of your trade.

Cleaning is a lot of common sense combined with a lot science. Don’t waste time trying to cover up a lack of cleaning. Just use that time to actually clean. The results will amaze you! I will be sharing more cleaning thoughts down the road. Follow me on twitter: @BaldGuyClean

5 replies
  1. Sirmaid, L.L.C.
    Sirmaid, L.L.C. says:

    Yo, Baldguy,

    I read your posts and they are funny and informative. You tell it how it is and don’t sugarcoat. Keep em coming. I’m following you on Twitter. @SirmaidLLC. Peace!

  2. Briana
    Briana says:

    Definitely READ the labels! I can never say this enough, even at home. Certain materials (like stone floors) can’t be used with some cleaners, and in fact ruin them. Plus that disinfecting vs sanitizing vs cleaning can be confusing. Cleaning products meant for those capabilities have separate descriptions for the each usage on the label, including dwell times.

  3. Larry Fagan
    Larry Fagan says:

    You always have good content young man keep em coming! I enjoyed the comment of the imitation chery smell. That makes me think of a bar. I always tell customers if I can smell your bathroom before we get there I can assure you,ITS NOT CLEAN!

    • BaldGuyClean
      BaldGuyClean says:

      Very true Larry! Bars always seem to have those pipe clogging chunks of pink paraffin sitting in the trough. I’ve actually had people tell me they are cheaper than hiring someone to clean!


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