The Pure Water window cleaning system from Unger, which uses de-ionized water, which is a chemical free method. With the use of their Hi Flo pole systems and water from a garden hose, the system allows window up to 5 stories to be cleaned easily. The cleaning results are very impressive.

The Hi Flo poles are make from sturdy, light weight materials, the system can be operated by just about anyone. The key to maneuvering the pole and brush is keeping your arms low and using your body to step toward the windows to move the brush up and down. Move the brush side to side by shifting the base of the pole in the opposite direction of the desired position. So to move the brush left, the base of the pole needs to be moved to the right.

The de-ionized water is fed through the filtering system which removes all most all contaminates. Then, this “pure water”  will attract soil and contaminates. They are carried away as the water flows away from the window. Best of all, no chemicals needed.

Benefits Of Chemical Free Cleaning

Since there are no chemicals used, you won’t damage to landscaping or the building from toxic cleaners. The Pure Water window cleaning system is green cleaning at it’s best. The system is also safe to use around children and pets. Hence, the only maintenance cost come when the filters need to be replaced.  The life is determined by the amount of water that flow through the system. This can be controlled with the use of a shut off valve.

The on board display tracks water usage and can be monitored to predict filter replacement.

Pure Water Window Cleaning System Links

To see the Pure Water window cleaning system in action, click the video above. The results are very impressive!

You can learn more about this system, a brochure can be downloaded here or visit the Unger.