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Cleanliness Story. Which Version Do You Know?

Have your heard The Cleanliness Story?

There are many versions and they are rarely told in the standard story telling fashion. More often they are told in the impression that is made when they are passed on. It is likely that you encounter The Cleanliness Story everyday, many times and don’t even realize it. Here is one version that stands out for me. I hope it will stand out for you as well.

I saw this entrance mat outside of a rather large private business several months ago. The slogan printed on tells one story but  the large stain, sadly, tells The Cleanliness Story.

Many people pass over this rug everyday. Customers. Employees. The business’ owner, supervisors and even the custodians, I am sure, place a foot on it a minimum two times each and every time they pass through the door. Someone choose to purchase the mat. I’m sure it was well meaning and was part of a p.r. effort to demonstrate the amount of care that they really do have for their clients. The idea was generated. Funds were appropriated and the call was made to the vendor. There were several color options and size discussions that went into the purchase but in the end the order was placed.

You Can’t Buy Cleanliness, For Long

There was a sense of pride felt by those involved when it was laid out for the first time. They had to think “Wow. We really do care!” Customers that passed, were given the immediate impression that the company really did care about them because it said so right there at the entrance!

Over time though, the newness faded along with the mat and the slogan, but did the caring?

At some point a busy patron, probably with arms full of papers or boxes, was trying to navigate the entrance with their morning coffee, soda or tea. Inadvertently, they misjudged their balancing capabilities while reaching for the door as it swung open and the drink was spilled. This resulted in a looming stain.

Months and even years pass by as those that step on the mat, once source of pride, now only a sad reflection of results from poor staffing, shrinking budgets and lost revenue from a changing economy, even read it? The noble saying “We Care!” has changed to “We Wish We Had Time To Care Enough To Make A Good First Impression.”

Results of The Cleanliness Story

Lack of attention to cleanliness has led to not only wasted money but also altered the message being sent. Now, all though you still may be greeted with a smile, the impression has been made before the door is opened. ~

As you make your way into or out of your place of business or even your home today, take a moment to notice the stories that are being told. The Cleanliness Story is being told. What version do you hear? It may be on with  a bigger impact than you may think.

Have you seen a version of The Cleanliness Story?  I would love to hear it.

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