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Don’t Just Buy Green Cleaning Products

Do a search for green cleaning and your results will look like a shopping list. You will find of every type of mop and chemical that has found a way to spin themselves as eco-friendly. If you really want to clean green, find out how to do it without a purchase. The act of cleaning green has a much bigger impact than buying it. Use less. Make smart, educated choices and grow into a green mindset. You can’t just buy green cleaning products and call it a green cleaning program.

To Buy Green Cleaning Products Is A Small Part

I am not saying that you should never buy green products. There are some truly great innovations out there that make cleaning easier, safer and reduce the amount of products needed to improve our environments. Cleaning chemicals work better and cause fewer health issues. They also reduce damage to facilities. Acid bowl cleaners are not used as much and trust me your chrome thanks you for that.

The Most Powerful Green Cleaning Product

With new ways of cleaning, you no longer have to throw powerful products at stubborn soils. When you use a green cleaning mindset, you see that proactive cleaning is one of the most powerful cleaning tools out there. Most difficult cleaning tasks, the ones that require the ‘good stuff’, are often the result of neglect. Restroom odors are caused by not being able to clean at source of the odor. Hard water deposits are the result of not cleaning toilet bowls often enough.

Using a long term green cleaning mindset will result in a proactive approach that will all but eliminate the need for deep cleaning. Educate yourself and the cleaning staff that a little work today will go a long way!

Challenge yourself to resist the urge to buy green cleaning products because of green claims and buy only when improved results, reduced consumption and improved efficiency merge to change the mindset of how your cleaning is done.

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  1. Ivan Harris Sr
    Ivan Harris Sr says:

    Many people have just in recent years jumped on the bandwagon about Going Green. Suggestion, if you are serious about finding companies that are Seriously & Legitimately Green; find the companies that have been around 10 years or more.

    Many of these type of companies have been Green long before these other companies touting “Going Green” were even around. Longevity does make a Big
    difference for sure. Don’t be tricked by a pretty Green banner or nice flashy website. The old saying is true: “The PROOF is in the Pudding”

    Wishing you much Success in your Quest for Going Green.

    Concerned About You & Your Family’s Health,
    Ivan Harris, Sr. “The Value Creator”


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