Fitness Equipment Cleaning

Fitness Equipment Cleaning

Fitness equipment cleaning may be causing you more trouble than you think. Have you ever gone to the gym, ready to hop on the treadmill, only to see “Out Of Service” signs? This happens way too often for me. After all, I am paying to use their fitness equipment. When it doesn’t work, it disrupts my entire schedule. This forces me to either wait for the equipment that is working to free up or cancel my workout all together. Both options cost me time and lower my opinion of the facility as a whole.

 Why Fitness Equipment Fails

When electronic gym equipment stops working, the majority of the time it can be traced back to a very simple cause. The liquid spray that is provided by the facility to clean and sanitize the equipment. Just about every gym I have ever been in has spray bottles sitting around that members are asked to use after they are finished using a piece of equipment.

This is a good concept to prevent the spread of germs. It is a horrible idea when you consider that they are spraying liquid onto a piece of electrical equipment. You would never think of directly spraying your television or laptop with a liquid. Yet people do it all the time, at the request of the gym, when they are done working out.

The Hidden Fitness Equipment Cost

Spraying fitness equipment with liquid leads to huge costs for repairing and replacing circuit boards. Many fitness equipment repair technicians have told me that fixing shorted out units amounts to about 80% of their work. This cost is passed along to the members through increasing monthly rates.

In addition to repair costs, the life of the equipment is shortened as well. This makes the regular replacement of high dollar fitness equipment an assumed cost of doing business in the fitness industry. When a single treadmill or elliptical machine costs several thousand dollars, the cost is once again, passed along to members.

Solving The Fitness Equipment Cleaning Issue

There is a very simple solution for fitness equipment cleaning that is safe for users. Spray the liquid on a towel. That is it. When the cleaner/sanitizer is sprayed on a towel, rather than the fitness equipment, the liquid is kept under control. There is no chance that it will be allowed to run through the seams of the control panel and come in contact with the electrical components.

The only problem with this is getting the members to do it. If re-training your members isn’t an option, another easy way to accomplish the same results is with gym equipment cleaning wipes. These pre-moistened towels are a great option. No need to have bottles that are labeled correctly, and filled with the correct chemical.

These wipes are already packaged and labeled. They do come with a cost, but if you compare it to the cost of downtime, repair and replacement, it makes financial sense. Best of all, keeping fitness equipment wipes stocked is a much more predictable expense that won’t derail your budget.

Keeping fitness equipment clean, sanitary and working does not have to come with a big price tag. If the fitness equipment at your gym is always broken or “Out of Order”, ask about their cleaning methods. This easy change might help keep your membership cost down and save you time!

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  1. Olivia Lane
    Olivia Lane says:

    Nice tip! Sometimes the obvious escapes seemingly sensible, well-meaning people. This seems like a good instance where Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes would be a good choice.

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Great! You should never spray any cleaning products directly onto surfaces whether they are fitness equipment or a piece of furniture! I do enjoy when my treadmill is working properly!


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