fixes for restroom odors

3 Quick Fixes For Restroom Odors

Restroom odors are an issue in most public facilities. Here are 3 ways to quickly fix restroom odors that will help you to easily eliminate the restroom stink.


3 Tips To Quickly Fix Restroom Odors

1. Clean Where The Dirt Is

Too often, restroom odors come from areas that don’t get the cleaning attention they need. Under sinks, behind toilets, around urinals, up against partitions, these are all areas that can be more challenging to get to. Thus, they are often overlooked. Take the time to thoroughly clean these areas and you will see a big improvement in restroom cleanliness.

2. Tools Used To Clean

To do a job properly, you have to use the right tools. Not using the right tools can result in wasted effort. Here are a the most important cleaning tools that will help you fix restroom odors.

No-touch Cleaning Systems

These are fairly new to the industry. They consist of a low pressure washer with a chemical dispenser. Some also have a vacuum system built in. The concept behind these systems is that you are able to accurately apply cleaning chemicals to the areas that need to be cleaned. As mentioned above, you need to clean where the dirt is. By using more of a broadcast approach, you are able to get into those hard to reach areas.

Once the restroom fixtures, walls and floors have been sprayed down, a scrub brush can be used to loosen soils from stubborn areas. Do a quick rinse without chemical, and squeegee the dirty water to the drain or vacuum it up. You can wipe down the fixtures if the restroom will be going back into service immediately or just allow them to dry.

Pump Sprayer

If a no-touch cleaning system is out of your price range, you can achieve similar results by using a pump sprayer. Using the same approach, apply cleaning chemical to the fixtures and floors, then either rinse with a regular hose, or wipe down with a microfiber cloth and mop the floor. While not as effective, it does allow you to get to those difficult to clean areas.

Use the Right Mops

The standard string mop is out. Cotton mops rot over time, don’t remove enough soil and leave the floor wet with dirty water. Add to that the fact that the traditional mop bucket forces you to use dirty water after the first wringing and you see that it counterproductive.

Microfiber mops trap and hold a lot more dirt while using less water. When used with a split bucket (one side for clean and the other for dirty water) restroom floors are left much cleaner. Flat microfiber mops also allow you to get behind toilets and into other tight areas. These are the areas where odors come from.

3. Using The Right Chemicals

It is a misconception that a disinfectant needs to be used on restroom floors. In almost all cases, there is no reason to disinfect floors. Because of the chemical make-up of these germ killing chemicals, they tend to leave a sticky residue behind. That’s why the instructions often require rinsing after use. Disinfectants should be used on areas that skin will be in contact with. Toilet seats, sinks, flush handles and door knobs are all touch points. Other than that, disinfectants can be counterproductive.

Use a neutral floor cleaner for the best results. Neutral cleaners are around a 7 on the pH scale and won’t leave a heavy residue. These residues attract soils and harbor odor causing bacteria.

Odor Free Restrooms Are Possible

By using these tips, you can quickly fix restroom odors and see an immediate improvement. To fix restroom odors can be a challenge, but with a little work and knowledge, you will get them under control.

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