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9 Great Cleaning Blogs You May Not Know About

As the author of this and several other blogs, I am always looking for great examples of cleaning blogs. There are an estimated 1 million blogs started everyday, most left abandoned after a short time. The reason I chose to start writing a cleaning blog was because there were not many places on the web to find cleaning industry information that was not product based or supported. Although most of these blogs are connected to  products and/or services of some sort, they focus on and provide great information and experience. Please visit them and let them know what you think.

Cleaning Blogs With Great Industry Info

1. Gary Fage’s Cleaning Blog

Gary’s blog originates in and reports on the cleaning industry in the United Kingdom. Covering a wide range of topics from green cleaning trends to product reviews, this blog  contains many great post that I have found very informative. Here is on of my favorites on safe working procedures for professional cleaning tasks

2. Envirologic Blog

If you are in the cleaning industry and use Twitter, you will know @enviroweezy. Otherwise known as Louise Taillon. Her cleaning blog, Envirologic, serves up cleaning industry information from many authors and has very informative stuff on hand hygiene, bacteria control and other cleaning related topics.

3. The Housekeeping Director 

The Housekeeping Director cleaning blog is from the viewpoint of Michael Chandler, a veteran housekeeping director that reports his experiences and views from the trenches. Focusing on the management side of the cleaning industry, this blog has a ton of helpful post. Make sure you follow him on Twitter as well!

4. Darrel Hicks Blog

Darrel is also a director of housekeeping and environmental services as well as the author of Infection Prevention For Dummies. On his cleaning blog, he writes about topics from a healthcare point of view and challenges your views with post such as Prevention Trumps a Cure Everytime! and OMG this disinfectant kills HIV!!!!

5. Destination Green 

The Destination Green blog is the original source for green cleaning information and is a service from The Ashkin Group. This cleaning blog keeps you up to date on trends and news from the green cleaning movement.

6. Ask Aunt Patti

The Ask Aunt Patti cleaning blog covers many household cleaning topics. Using a vast library of video demonstrations, Ask Aunt Patti explains how to tackle many common household cleaning issues. You can also follow Aunt Patti on Twitter as well!

7. Green Clean Institute

Green Clean Institute’s blog is centered around why we clean. This site discusses the impacts of cleaning including indoor air quality, germ control and green cleaning processes. Find GCI on Twitter here.

8. Janitorial Growth Solutions

Being a cleaning contractor is tough work. This cleaning blog is very helpful for those who are in the contract service side of cleaning. From managing business functions to finding new clients as well as employee issues, this site has it covered.

9.  Tacony Corporation News

Although this is from a cleaning equipment manufacturer, the Tacony blog has some real gems when it comes to the state of the cleaning industry. The blog is very informative for those who make a living cleaning.

Growing The Network

As the reach of the web expands further into the cleaning industry, there are new cleaning blogs starting every day. Anyone can start a blog, but it will the ones that continue to offer value and honest opinions to their readers will be find success. If you know of great cleaning blogs, I would like to know about it. Leave a link to it along with any other thoughts on this topic in the comments section below. Keep Striving To Learn Clean!

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  1. Gary Fage
    Gary Fage says:

    I feel truly honoured that you have you featured my Blog of your fantastic site, thank you so much. I am passionate about sharing information that can help cleaners and cleaning contractors perform safely and more effectively. My blog also features new cleaning innovations which can help give contractors an advantage in the market place.

    I can see we have very similar objectives when it comes to educating and sharing information with an industry that is very close to my heart. I wish you every success with your ground breaking Blog.


  2. Halton Hills Street Sweeping
    Halton Hills Street Sweeping says:

    Thanks for the list. I have gone through each blog sites and they are very helpful. Again many Thanks and Keep posting!!!

  3. DEAN
    DEAN says:

    I agree with all the comments here, a great collection of blogs that you have put together, I had seen two of them but the others have really helped me. Thank you

  4. Industrial Detergents
    Industrial Detergents says:

    Hey all these blogs are superb with tons of industrial cleaning information. Truly there is dire need of cleanliness into the industries.

  5. Julie
    Julie says:

    Hey – thank you for your suggestions – as you say there aren’t many good blogs in our industry. I wonder if you mind me putting our website on your blog. It’s really directed only at people in the Brisbane – Gold Coast area of Queensland, but I’m hoping some of these people will also be reading your blog.
    Kind regards!

  6. molly
    molly says:

    The list above are very informative. I have went thru each blogs and I have read relevant ideas and tips on cleaning services which really helps a lot. Thank you!

    Leaders in Restroom Hygiene

  7. James Cleary
    James Cleary says:

    Thanks for this list. Your blog is very good and I enjoy reading it. With 20 years experience training people in the cleaning industry i know there are still things I can learn and this list is a great resource. I have recently started my own blog and I hope to feature on your list someday. Thanks again.

  8. adwin ftash
    adwin ftash says:

    Great tip.
    I will follow his blog.
    I can see we have very similar objectives when it comes to educating and sharing information with an industry that is very close to my heart. I wish you every success with your ground breaking Blog.

  9. Jeff's Commercial Cleaning
    Jeff's Commercial Cleaning says:

    Bald Guy, this collection is perfect. Thank you for putting it together and giving us in the industry a very convenient “starting point” to locate high quality educational and information resources on the cleaning industry. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately, trying to stay “on top” of the industry in terms of current events, new tech, new scientific findings etc. And nearly all of your mentions have been added to my personal bookmarks. Keep up the great work.

    FYI your link to Green Clean Institute Forum is broken. You might want to update that :0) Thanks again Bald Guy!

  10. Ava Smith
    Ava Smith says:

    Hi, Cool site!! I am always looking for these type of post.
    After I read your blog, I get a clear idea on the cleaning.
    I intend to follow your tips.


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