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I recently took the Green Clean Institute’s Certified Technician Training. It consisted of two courses, GCIC Technician 101 and GCIC Technician 102. Even after 20 years of actively perusing cleaning industry knowledge, I was pleased with the information and the direction the materials took. This is not Cleaning 101, this is Green Cleaning 101 (and 102, I guess.) If you need to learn how to swing a mop, re-finish floors or clean windows and carpet, then I would recommend acquiring those skills prior to taking attending this class. The focus of these courses is personal health and the concepts of Green Clean Compliance.

Green Clean Institute Technician Certification

The 101 section works with the history of and evolution of green cleaning, green business and how cleaning green relates to business along with other attributes that add to green in cleaning programs. There are procedures, responsibilities and federal regulations that are covered. If you are new to the world of green cleaning or a green fanatic, this spells it all out in a nice, neat package.
In the 102 section, topics include the impact of green products, how they differ from traditional cleaning products and how to evaluate them. It also covers green cleaning techniques and procedures, source reduction, recycling and staff training among other related topics.

Since these were “in person”, classroom style classes, there were opportunities to ask questions and have brief, open debate on the subject matter. At the end of each section, a multiple choice test is given, that is then submitted to The Green Clean Institute for technician certification. Once the course has been successfully completed, the federally trademarked seal and title of Certified Green Cleaning Technician may be used by the individual technician as credentials. This certification can be upgraded at any time through continuing education or certification advancement

Green Clean Institute also offers courses for Manager and Executive as well as Certified Firm education and certifications as well.

In the cleaning industry, it is hard to find non-bias education especially on the subject of green cleaning. With the quickly expanding desire for businesses and organizations to become green, there is a need for standardized education that teaches real world information on green cleaning. Although mainly the basics, this course work covered all the bases for any staff to be able to work, converse, and think with the proper knowledge of what green cleaning really is. After all, it is not what you buy that makes you green, it is what you know.


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  1. Larry Gerosa " The Serious Carpet Cleaner"
    Larry Gerosa " The Serious Carpet Cleaner" says:

    Hi Bald Guy
    in 1995 I started feeling sick after 15 years of operating a commercial cleaning service for some of the most prestigious residential developers here on Long Island. As well as cleaning and maintenance of their sales office, models and club houses we also Construction cleaned hundreds upon hundreds of new homes.

    As you know back then we used what was available in cleaning products and had no idea it would eventually have an effect on us. We just went on cleaning! These products were heavy solvent and petroleum based products. I had severe headaches and vomiting and chills that felt like I had the flu 24-7 and couldn’t get rid of it. About a year later we came to the conclusion that I had inhalation and skin absorption of these toxic chemicals. Till This day heavily scented products give me a headache and I feel sick. I can’t go near anything such as citra-solv I ‘m told It’s because of the d’lamanine.
    Since getting sick I have been a Green Cleaning fanatic! I am also concerned about my clients health and my techs as well and I have become a strong advocate for saving our world and the environment we all share. I have been following the Green Institute since it’s inception around 2006 if I’m correct with the date. Sorry…That was a long way around to tell you I agree with your review. I’ve been a fan of GCI since then.
    I have been revamping my company image for those who don’t know my services yet and think all carpet cleaners are the same. As you can see by my website I am stressing cleaning for health as well as appearance and will help my clients turn their unhealthy carpets, upholstery and hard floors into healthier environments for their family to enjoy and commercially for them to safely work in.

    I started what I call the Healthy Home Revolution. Turn your home into a healthier home by having your carpets upholstery and hard floors truly deep cleaned removing all the toxins soil and allergens on a regular basis and It is about a commitment we have made to change from conventional toxic cleaning products to the safer third party certified organic green products and we want our clients to join us in that commitment. We offer a line of natural cleaning products for their use.

    I am known as the Serious Carpet Cleaner here on Long Island. Mostly due to my $!00,000 Vortex Truck Mount Hot Water Extraction Machine. I can seriously use more hot water in the cleaning process to deep clean flushing out deeply embedded sticky soils and allergens and still beat my competition on drying times. I offer “dry to the touch before we leave”
    I am very glad that I found your site! keep up the good work!
    Now that you know a little about me I’d appreciate hearing about you…If I may?
    Changing the world one cleaning at a time
    God Bless,
    Larry Gerosa
    Healthy Home Carpet Care Care Inc.


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