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Green Cleaning Career? Cool!

Green Cleaning has been a buzz word for a while. It seems that environmentally preferred choices have become part of everyday cleaning. You may not realize it, but ‘green’ is also big business too. As businesses seek to improve their image and reduce the corporate foot print, they are looking for more professionals that can add to their efforts. Because of this, many are turning plain old cleaning into a green cleaning career.

In the past, simply using green products would be enough to promote cleaning as green. But as the industry has evolved, much more goes into a successful green cleaning program. Training on best practices, creating policies and procedures and even creating new products and methods have become green cleaning career opportunities for a lot of people.

Green Cleaning Career Options

Beyond just the act of cleaning, it is now a growing industry to educate the front line custodians. Demonstrating ways to be more efficient, mindful, and thorough. Learning about the impact on health, indoor air quality and reduced exposure is important not only for those that are cleaning, but also building occupants. When you offer cleaning services, you and your staff need to have a basic understanding of green practices. Because the competition already does. And you can bet that if all things are equal, the environmentally minded business world will choose the one that offers at least some green services.

Green Cleaning Certification

As the demand for green cleaning grows, organizations such as the International Sanitary Supply Association are beginning to offer certifications. You can learn more about their green cleaning certifications programs here. As one of the authorities in the cleaning industry, their programs are some of the best.

The U.S. Green Building Counsel, the developers of the L.E.E.D. green building certification, is incorporating green cleaning practices into their programs.

As the demand for more environmental educators increases, be sure that a green cleaning career can be an option for cleaning professionals.

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