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Green Cleaning Focus On Health

So much has been said about green cleaning. Too often the green cleaning focus is simply grabbing a products with a green claim. If this is what your green cleaning program consists of, you may be making a big mistake.

To understand what it really means to clean green, you must first understand what it means to clean. When we go through the process of cleaning, we are doing more than just removing dirt. Cleaning has 3 main focuses, preventing long term damage, improving the appearance and most importantly, keeping the facility healthy.

Preventing Damage

When you clean a surface, you are stopping the build up of contaminates. If left unchecked, dirt, residues and minerals will deteriorate the surface. Long term damage will occur from not maintaining the cleanliness of a facility.

Green cleaning should look to not only stop the damage to a facility, but to aid in lengthening the life of the materials within a building. Reducing the need to remodel and replace, prevents the use of raw materials to create replacements.

Improving Appearance

It is often said in the cleaning industry that we shouldn’t clean for appearance. While this is true, if it looks dirty, it usually is. Appearance isn’t not something that should be overlooked but used as a measuring tool. It shouldn’t be the only factor used, but it is the one thing we are constantly being graded on. So keeping things looking good should always be important

Green Cleaning Focus on Health

Health should always be the goal of any cleaning program. When we reduce and remove germs from a building, those that work and live there benefit. Because green cleaning focus is on using safer practices and products, everyone wins. Keeping building safe and healthy for everyone should be included in everyone’s mindset. From educating the cleaning staff on the best ways to reduce contaminates, to the build occupants understanding the need to reduce use. Green cleaning focus is what will make the biggest difference when going green!


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