Ideas for Green Restrooms

Green Restrooms – Ideas That Can Pay You Back

There are many ways to green restrooms. A lot of them obviously involve the procedures and products that are used to clean. But in order to give the restroom cleaners a fighting chance, there are a few ways to make the cleaning easier and can add green to any restroom.

Automatic Flushers

auto flush valvesWhile automatic flushers have become a staple in the world of restroom maintenance, I am really surprised how many still don’t have them. After all, auto flush valves cost less than ever and really do make a big improvement when it comes to the cleanliness of a restroom.

I can remember close to 2 decades ago, when I was first exposed to automatic flushers. They were horrible! The first day, the units failed and we were stuck. The urinals and toilets were useless and became a cleaning nightmare in no time.

Thankfully, this has changed quite a bit. The newer style automatic flush valves do not require the removal of the manual flush valve and can be uninstalled in seconds. This isn’t usually needed though. They actually work now and are very reliable.

What makes automatic flush valves part of green restrooms? Well, they use a lot less water. Auto flush systems also save hours of cleaning because fixtures aren’t being left un-flushed. When a urinal or toilet does not flush for an extended period of time, the scale from the water, and what ever else is left in there, builds up. This makes it much more difficult to clean. Because most automatic flushers are set to flush periodically when not used, the water does not sit long enough to cause build up.

dual flush retro kitDual Flush Systems

Another relatively new way to green restrooms is dual flush valve. These systems control the amount of water used when a toilet is flushed. For all liquid flushes, they use less water. But when more volume is needed, they use more water. This can significantly reduce the amount of water that a facility uses.

Dual flush systems are very easy to install and make it easy to add another green element to any public restroom and save on utility costs as well. They really show an active participation in green technology.

Control Paper Towels

Again, this green restrooms concept isn’t really new, but control paper products are actually a very good way to bring green to your restrooms. Aside from using a green certified paper, limiting the amount of paper that is dispensed, reduces the usage. Saving money through using less is a “Win – Win” for everyone. The systems that dispense manual (you pull each towel from the dispenser) are the way to go. Automated systems rely on batteries that have a tendency to die during the busiest times.

Water-less Urinals

While I have to admit to not being an early adopter of Water-less Urinal, they have come a long way. The biggest problem I have seen with them is that water-less does not mean maintenance free. Most brands and models need regular up keep in the form of adding chemicals and changing screens, so there is still regular maintenance needed. They can quickly become a problem when not serviced correctly.

Green Restrooms Are Not A Substitute For Clean

As with most aspects of green cleaning, these are examples of going green that also save money, either through reducing labor or materials. Most importantly though, the goal should always be to provide a clean and healthy environment for restroom users. Always remember that before you can clean green, you must ensure that it is clean.

Have you added any of these or other green aspects to your restrooms? I would love to hear about your experiences. Share them in the comments below.

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