Happy Valentine's Day From Your Janitor

5 Valentine Gifts From The Janitor

Your Janitor Loves You! Happy Valentine’s Day

Janitor Valentine Gift Toilet Paper

1. A Deluxe Roll Of Toilet Paper

Everyone is always so disappointed when they sit down to find that they are the luck recipient of the last square. Well this Valentine’s day your janitor may leave you your very own emergency roll of quilted comfort. Enjoy a deluxe roll of toilet paper!

2. Back Issues Of Popular Magazines

Although the address label has been removed from the bottom corner, there are a few pages missing and show signs of being rolled up by someone making their way to the “reading room,” these periodicals are still chalked full of entertainment. Your janitor just may save you hundreds of dollars in subscription fees by bestowing upon you the collection of a lifetime! Or at least the last 6 months….

3. A New And Shiny Stapler (**Bonus** With Staples!)

Knowing that there is one hotly sought after commodity in any office setting, your janitor has been making the rounds to the copiers, conference rooms and common areas, keeping an eye out for rogue and forgotten high quality staplers. Should you happen to be worthy, the coveted Swingline may be the gift that just keeps on giving with every “Cu-Chunk.” If you are one of the favorites, their just may be a little something extra in the form of a “more than half full” box of full length refills as well! Bonus!!!

Look At Those Rolly Wheels!!4. The Most Comfortable Chair In The Building (Within reason of course)

Everyone knows that the boss has the  most comfortable chair. That is unfortunately, untouchable. But, of all of the cookie cutter, right out of the catalog, identical chairs, there are those that have taken less abuse over the years. And guess who knows each and everyone by the sound of the air  rushing out from the foam, through the loosely stitched vinyl? That’s right, your janitor. You may sit down on Valentine’s day to discover that there is something wonderfully different today. A fully functioning lumbar support and 5 caster wheels that send you spinning!

5. A Breath of Fresh Air

The staff of janitors all work very hard to provide you with a clean and healthy work environment. The work they do allows you to be productive and keep you healthy. Make sure to let them know you appreciate the work they do. After all, they are valuable resources when you need a roll of toilet paper or a stapler.


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