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Not Using Microfiber Cleaning Products? You Are Wasting Money.

Microfiber cleaning products have taken the North American cleaning industry by, well, spring shower. For some reason, cleaning professionals have been lukewarm when it comes to converting to the use of this material that in Europe is the standard. Why is this? I say it is a perceived value over cost issue. Yes, in most cases, the upfront purchase of microfiber is significantly more than the traditional tools.

The Cost Of  Microfiber Cleaning Products

Buying a dozen microfiber mops that cost 25% – 50% more than a traditional mop has understandably met with resistance. They do also have to be laundered regularly.  You also need new hardware which also needs to be replaced. The old mop handles and buckets are obsolete. Don’t forget about the learning curve for microfiber cleaning products too. They do cause you to clean differently.

I can imagine that you are thinking “That sounds like a huge waste of money and time.”

Trust me. It is not.

Microfiber Cleaning Facts

Here are some facts associated with microfiber cleaning products.

  1. Microfiber removes 2 to 3 times more soil from a surface than traditional fibers.
  2. Depending on the system that works best for your cleaning program, very few mops are actually needed.
  3. The life expectancy of microfiber is 10 to 15 times longer.
  4. Moping with microfiber is easier, more ergonomic and reduces the amount of cleaning
    chemical needed.

A Different Way Of Cleaning

The biggest problem is that the cleaning processes are different. Using microfiber causes you to have to re-look at the way you clean. Since it’s physical properties are actually removing the majority of the soil from the surface, chemicals that have been used for years to remove soil are not are not as important. We just keep trying to use them because it is all we know. You have to have a chemical to clean right?

What Is Microfiber Made From?

Since the term microfiber only describes the thickness of the thread, 1-100th of a human hair, there is some confusion as to what makes microfiber a cleaning tool. When you purchase an article of clothing or furniture that is made of microfiber, it will typically be 100% polyester. Unlike the leisure suits from the 70’s though, the thread is much smaller, thus softer, making it more comfortable. Since polyester is a type of plastic, it is also much easier to clean.

When it comes to microfiber that we use in cleaning, there is another element, polyamide, which is a different type of man-made material. Polyamide has grabbing power that retains soil and moisture. When combined with polyester, and then split, chambers and openings are formed between the two materials that collect soil. This is different from traditional materials that are solid strands that rely on moisture and chemicals to hold soil. (see my post on how microfiber cleans)

Hold the Dirt. Don’t Just Push It Around

By actually holding the soil with in its fibers, microfiber has much more capacity. Since, again, it is all just plastic, and with limited sticky detergents, it will release then easily when rinsed, making them more effecting for longer periods. The other factor over natural fibers such as cotton is that plastic will not support the growth of bacteria. The reason cotton mops tend to have a foul smell, is that the bacteria that is picked up can actually feed on the fibers. As bacteria eat, they give off gases which is where not only mops get their smell but as do restrooms, carpets and anything else that attracts bacteria.

By using microfiber cleaning tools, you make your efforts much more productive. You will also will not need to purchase replacement mops and cloths nearly as often. And the results will be a cleaner, healthier and much safer environment.

Stop wasting money and start using microfiber!


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  1. Marla Hughes
    Marla Hughes says:

    I’ve only recently started using microfiber but I’m an evangelist now. The first time I tried microfiber a few years ago, it was limited to 2 cloths I found in a vacant apartment. I figured why not, they’re free? I treated them exactly like my terry towels, even washing them together. Yeah, that turned out well….
    This time I took the time to research how to use them properly and care for them as well and I couldn’t be happier.
    My cleaning times have lessened markedly, supplies last much longer and not just the total life, but the ‘pretty’ life of my cloths are extended. They still look new after months of commercial use!
    In addition, the cloths aren’t that much more expensive, even OTC. Terry cloths @ Wal-Mart: http://www.walmart.com/ip/12pk-Terry-Towels/16332448 ($6.88 12 pk. = $.57 each)
    Microfiber: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Detailer-s-Choice-Microfiber-Towels-12-Pack/15111244?findingMethod=rr ($7.77 12 pk. = $.64 each)

    • BaldGuyClean
      BaldGuyClean says:

      Thank you for the great comment Marla! Isn’t it amazing how much of a difference microfiber can make! I always find it interesting how people come about using them. Your story of finding them is a great one. I would warn you though, that the cost of the cloth is usually tied to the thread used to seam them. The cheaper the thread, the less likely they are to hold up against consistent washing. But that being said, they are still a good value at any price!

      • Emi
        Emi says:

        These are super drying clohtes. I purchased them for drying the shower each day after use. It quickly absorbs all the water off the glass, but not only that, it also wipes off the soap scum that has accumulated. The tiny microfibers really act as super absorbent scrubbing tips to dry and clean at the same time. Because of these clohtes I have greatly reduced the need to use chemicals to clean the shower. I now even use them to wipe down the tile as well. They absorb so fast that I can easily wipe down my shower stall entirely in about one minute.


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