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More Cleaning Is Not Always The Answer

A while back, we took a trip to Minneapolis to visit family. While we were there, we had an opportunity to visit the world-renowned Mall Of America. All I can say is “Wow!” This place is huge! If you have not had the chance to visit, I would recommend adding it to your list. From the indoor amusement park to the seemingly unending selection of stores and restaurants, the Mall Of America lives up to its reputation as one of the modern wonders of the world. What really impressed me though was the amount of cleaning. But is more cleaning the answer? 

Cleaning Quality over Quantity

There was no shortage of cleaning. The numbers staff made it seem like they were everywhere. From entrance to exit, there was always someone cleaning floors, walls, windows, tables and restrooms. While every area looked to be covered with attentive, hard-working staff, there were still quite a few areas that were dirty. Not unattended, but dirty. This made me wonder why they were not promoting clean?

Something I noticed was that there were a lot of cleaning carts around. Like the one in the picture above. It surprised me that they still used mop buckets and string mops. Most of the cleaning tools were dirty. Tile floors, although constantly mopped, had a build up of soil and if they were at all wet, were slippery. These were perfect examples of not making the best use of cleaning time or the cleaning budget.

We Don’t Need More Cleaning

As I described above, the amount of cleaning was not the problem. The staff was working hard. But because they were not using efficient methods and tools, the results did not reflect the effort. This only results in spending additional time to catch up later.

I really feel there is a break down when it comes to understanding what it really means to clean. Let’s face it, there is a lot of money spent everyday, around the world, on cleaning. Simply throwing money at a problem by adding to the amount of cleaning activity, does not solve the problem.

No One Wants To Do A Bad Job

I have always said, no one wants to do a bad job. The issue is whether they are equipped with the knowledge and means of doing a good job. Too often, staff members are hired to “clean” but unless there is an obvious problem or visible issue, simply going through the motions is viewed as good enough. Cleaning education is needed from the top down to before there can be any improvement in the results.

I am only pointing out the Mall Of America because of my recent visit. They are by no means alone. From what I saw, are probably better than most. It is just a shame that the bar to be set so low when it comes to cleaning expectations. We don’t need more cleaning, we need better cleaning.

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  1. Aye Aye Captain Clean
    Aye Aye Captain Clean says:

    Hopefully they have since corrected the problem. I like your advice, to use efficient methods and tools, so that the results can reflect the effort! Great article!

  2. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Outstanding article. So much money could be saved by better training and techniques, and cleaners would enjoy their work much more. Thanks for the honest assessment. If we want to be treated like a professional industry, we need to act like it and not just go thru the motions for the money.

  3. Simply Maid CLEAN
    Simply Maid CLEAN says:

    HI I have read complete article ,you have share use full information .I appreciate your your knowledge about cleaning section.Keep continue to share more article about cleaning services ,equipment ,Staff etc.


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