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Are School Restrooms Really Nasty?

When I was researching what the public at large felt about public restrooms, it opened up eyes to something that I had not really thought about before, how students feel about restrooms in their schools. This, in turn, lead me to go where kids (and adults) all voice their real views one out spoken tweet at a time. I wondered, Are school restrooms really nasty?

What We Can Learn From Twitter

I have become very fond of  Twitter. It’s short. It’s instant. And most of all, it gives a real snap shot of what people think on a subject. There isn’t much filtering for true Twitter users, you just pick up your phone and say what you really think at that moment. Of course this can be a bad thing for some, but I figured it would be a great place to find out what people thought about restroom cleanliness.

students are tweeting their thoughts on restroom cleanliness

Students Tweet About The Cleanliness of School Restrooms.

My research began by typing “Public Restrooms” in to Twitter Search. Although I found a couple of people voicing concern over the condition of restrooms, I noticed that there were more than a few recent complaints about their schools restrooms being “Nasty” “Gross” and “Discussing.” This led me to search “School Restrooms” and then “School Bathrooms.” The flood gates opened up.

Tweets such as “I’ve gotta pee so bad cause school bathrooms are nasty!” and “the guys bathrooms in my school are nasty because no one flushes the urinals” are the standard.

If the students notice their school restrooms, why isn’t anyone else?

School Restrooms and All Restrooms

Keeping in touch with customer concerns are vital to any business and those customers voice their concerns in ever changing ways. The fact is that if the students are publicly pointing out these issues, they need to be addressed. Bringing awareness to  restroom cleanliness benefits everyone in a facility and improve the overall image of a school district or business.

Keep tweeting about restroom cleaning, kids. Someone will listen!

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