Hand Washing Awareness

National Hand Washing Awareness Week

Did you know that every year there is a National Hand Washing Awareness Week? Well there is. It is the first week of December every year. Find out the exact dates for this year.

The observance is the product of Dr. Will Sawyer and his helpful companion, Henry The Hand. Dr. Will is a family practice physician and infection control specialist. He has dedicated himself to providing information on the importance of hand washing.

And the battle against the spread of disease and illness.

While it is always important to be aware of the need for washing your hands, Dr. Will points out in his introduction video that by following the 4 principles of hand awareness can be taught to eliminate many illnesses.

As he points out, so many organizations report on illness but until recently, there are few that teach how to practice health hygiene and protect yourself. On the Henry The Hand website, you can download posters, courses and even purchase hand awareness kits. These kits provide tools and activities promoting hand hygiene awareness.

How Will You Celebrate National Hand Washing Awareness Week?

I would love to hear how you celebrate National Handwashing Awareness Week. Here is how The Cleanest Image will be promoting hand washing awareness.  There are many ways you can support this week. Take matters into your own hands (ha ha) and make sure you wash your hands!

Stressing the importance of hand washing cannot be over stated. From reducing the chances of getting the common cold, to stopping the spread of dangerous diseases, hand washing is the single best way to stay healthy!

Take a look at a few of the videos Dr. Will and Henry use to promote National Handwashing Awareness Week. They also show the importance of hand washing in general. These are great tools for teaching kids and adults the basic principles of hand washing and staying healthy!

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