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Green Cleaning Focus On Health

So much has been said about green cleaning. Too often the green cleaning focus is simply grabbing a products with a green claim. If this is what your green cleaning program consists of, you may be making a big mistake.

To understand what it really means to clean green, you must first understand what it means to clean. When we go through the process of cleaning, we are doing more than just removing dirt. Cleaning has 3 main focuses, preventing long term damage, improving the appearance and most importantly, keeping the facility healthy. Read more

square scrubber stripping video

Square Scrubber Floor Stripping Video

If you have not heard, square scrubber stripping is taking the floor care world by storm. Because they simplify the removal of floor finish, many building service contractors are finding that there is a great opportunity to improve profits. These oscillating floor machines mechanically remove floor finish, rather than using messy chemical strippers, making the floor refinishing process much faster, safer and easier. Read more

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Who Is In Charge Of School Health?

School health, when I was a kid, was either a little room with a very cold vinyl bed or it was a class you had to take with classmates of the same gender that taught students the basic functions of the human body. The only person that was in charge of school health was the nurse, who was only part time. Well that has all changed now. Read more

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Not Using Microfiber Cleaning Products? You Are Wasting Money.

Microfiber cleaning products have taken the North American cleaning industry by, well, spring shower. For some reason, cleaning professionals have been lukewarm when it comes to converting to the use of this material that in Europe is the standard. Why is this? I say it is a perceived value over cost issue. Yes, in most cases, the upfront purchase of microfiber is significantly more than the traditional tools. Read more

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5 Results Of Green Cleaning Programs

Implementing green cleaning programs has become the focus for many. Some of the questions that come up are “What does it cost?” “How long does it take?” “Do I need to be certified?” These are important questions, but there is one questions that needs to be asked first.

What are the reasons  for implementing green cleaning programs? Although there are thousands of green products on the market and most have been given the image that to use them, you  must sacrifice cleaning quality for green clean compliance. This seems to have had a measurable impact on green cleaning momentum.

To implement green cleaning programs, the focus must first be moved from green cleaning products, to green cleaning practice. Most importantly, results. There is a need to change the way cleaning is done, before green can be achieved. These changes are not because of a desire to be green, they are because of the need to clean with health in mind. There are definite changes that are made when a green cleaning program is implemented with a focus on health. Many of which are not even factor in the world of traditional cleaning.

5 Results Green Cleaning Programs.

1. Health

By implementing cleaning programs, you will experience improved indoor air quality, slow the spread of illness and reduce the chances for exposure to toxic chemicals. By employing safer green procedures, less chemical residue is left on surfaces to promote the spread of germs and there are fewer air borne particles released that contaminate the air.

2. Appearance

Green cleaning programs actually remove more dirt if implemented and performed properly. Taking a step back and re-learning what clean really is, it will become apparent that the level of clean we have grown to accept is no longer acceptable. Green cleaning allows surfaces to be cleaned much more effectively. This improves the cleaning results as well as the appearance.

3. Reduced Surface Damage

Many traditional methods of cleaning, over time, actually damage the surfaces they are meant to maintain. Toxins and abrasives may remove soils but also cause long term and even permanent damage that can be costly to repair or replace. By reducing or eliminating harmful practices, and focusing on maintenance, the surfaces will last much longer.

4. Cost To Clean

Green practices are much more efficient. Accomplishing more, with less is at the heart of green cleaning programs. By directing effort toward better results, you are able to achieve a cleaner, healthier facilities, in less time. This is done by employing techniques that eliminate the use of wasteful and counter-productive cleaning products that in many cases can cause surfaces to be more difficult to clean.

5. Employee Morale

By being able to perform tasks more effectively, with less risk to yourself and the facility and actually see the positive results from your efforts, the morale of the staff will be improved. No one likes to do a bad job and given the know how to do a good job only makes performing the task more rewarding.

Implementing green cleanings program is very effective way to maintain facilities. By evaluating cleaning results and setting up procedures that use resources more efficiently, you will discover the positive effects of from green cleaning!


restaurant cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning and Eating Out Is Hard

Restaurant cleaning has always perplexed me. Why do they make it seem so difficult?

I recently went out to eat with my family and some friends to an upscale chain restaurant. This particular chain goes overboard on decorating. Large concrete statues and fountains great you as you approach the rotating door. Natural stone walls, expensive lighting and very plush seating were carefully selected and placed to give the feel of luxury. After being seated, the menu prices matched the decor. This is not my normal environment. I am more comfortable in a “mom and pop” style place where a cheese burger and fries tops the selection. Read more

cleaning chemical labels

Do You Read Chemical Labels?

Have you ever actually read the cleaning chemical labels? I always find it interesting to ask people about their cleaning procedures. In health care, offices, schools and even in their homes, most people rely on what the front of the bottle says and not what is in the smaller print on the back. Read more

Green Clean Institute Review

I recently took the Green Clean Institute’s Certified Technician Training. It consisted of two courses, GCIC Technician 101 and GCIC Technician 102. Even after 20 years of actively perusing cleaning industry knowledge, I was pleased with the information and the direction the materials took. This is not Cleaning 101, this is Green Cleaning 101 (and 102, I guess.) If you need to learn how to swing a mop, re-finish floors or clean windows and carpet, then I would recommend acquiring those skills prior to taking attending this class. The focus of these courses is personal health and the concepts of Green Clean Compliance.

Green Clean Institute Technician Certification

The 101 section works with the history of and evolution of green cleaning, green business and how cleaning green relates to business along with other attributes that add to green in cleaning programs. There are procedures, responsibilities and federal regulations that are covered. If you are new to the world of green cleaning or a green fanatic, this spells it all out in a nice, neat package.
In the 102 section, topics include the impact of green products, how they differ from traditional cleaning products and how to evaluate them. It also covers green cleaning techniques and procedures, source reduction, recycling and staff training among other related topics. Read more

Safe Cleaning With Water!

****Update**** Activeion is no longer in business. Learn More Here

Ionized water for cleaning is nothing new, but the ability to use it at home is. Ionized water is regular tap water that has been “activated” with a slight electrical charge. This charge splits the positive and negative ions. Just like a magnet, these ions want to get back together with an opposite charge. They combine with the positive and negative ions in soil, releasing it from surfaces. After a few seconds the water is just regular water with dirt suspended in it.  The electrical charge also kills bacteria by causing their cell walls to rupture, much like chemical do, but in a lot less time. Surfaces can be sanitized with a 6 second spray. Most household sanitizers and disinfectants take up to 10 minutes to have the same effect. It’s kind of like a bug zapper for bacteria.

With the Activeion HOM, you can replace many chemical cleaners in your house. Window cleaner, sanitizing spray, wood polish, carpet spotter (yes, it works great on carpets) and general purpose cleaners.

Since it is rechargeable, and refillable with tap water, you can keep it handy to clean at home and on the go. Cleaning dishes while camping, washing hands while at sports practice, even to clean fruit and vegetables picked from the garden.  There really is no limit to what or where you can clean.

Click the banner below to see more about Activeion HOM and to order yours. We have been using this for months and find new uses for it every day!

vacuum carpet tips

Carpet and Dirt, You Probably Have Both…

Everyone has at least some carpeting. From your home, work, cars and even the establishments you frequent, carpeting is everywhere. Since the first carpets were made in the late 1700’s, someone has had to keep them clean. (Can you imagine the smell tracked in from streets with horse-drawn wagons?) The problem with cleaning carpet is that it is not a smooth surface. Read more