proactive cleaning

Proactive Cleaning Prevents Headaches Later

What types of prevention do you practice on a daily basis? You brush your teeth twice a day. You put on shoes and socks to prevent damage to your feet. You turn on your directional signal to keep other drivers from running into your car.

There is at least an ounce of prevention in most of the tasks we do every day. What happens when those steps don’t work?

If you suddenly got a blister on your foot, despite wearing shoes and socks, you would probably look into getting a new pair of both. If someone pulls out in front of your car, even though you had used the lever to indicate turning, you would probably check the bulb or wiring. Then why don’t we do the same when it comes to proactive cleaning?

Going Through The Cleaning Motions

Custodians for years have been going through the motions to clean. The effort is there but they seem to barely keep up. Floors are mopped, restrooms are scrubbed, windows are cleaned, but those floors are still dirty, restrooms still smell, and windows are still prone to streaks, finger prints and smudges.

Poor cleaning is hardly ever due to a lack of effort; it’s the lack knowledge. Proactive cleaning means learning what is happening behind the process. If I scrub and wipe and mop, throwing all the resources I have at these issues and the results are still the same, where is the problem? All of those steps are an attempt to prevent these issues but not solving the problem.

Back to the blister on your foot, how about we put a bandage over the blister. It might heel in a few days. Then you go back to wearing the same shoes and socks without the bandage and guess what? The blister comes back. The time it took to make sure your bandage was clean and changed for several days did nothing to solve the problem. If you would have invested in a new pair of shoes and socks, you would have had pain-free days. If the pain from the blister slowed you down, or kept you from working, then it also cost you money. Probably more money than a new pair of shoes.

Proactive Cleaning = Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

In these budget conscience times, taking a look at what the true expenses are and how they may be costing more than they are saving, is where the real prevention is.

Here is a real world example of prevention. Custodians put a lot of effort into making classroom floors look great for the first day of school, to only have the kids come in and grind their chairs across the floors. The prevention they took to ensure the classrooms would stay clean, and safe is taken away with the first slide of the chair. It is not the kids fault. They have to sit down. The teacher says so. Why not cover the foot of the chair? For a small investment in the correct product, these floors can be kept clean, scratch free and reduce or eliminate the further maintenance down the road.

Simple idea, big results!

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