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Promoting Clean and Cleanliness

Why Aren’t Businesses Promoting Clean Anymore?

When was the last time you heard anyone say “Wow! This place is really clean!”  We are all too familiar with slogans like “Always In Stock” and “Guaranteed Lowest Prices.” Slogans like these hold a business accountable. They better live up to the claim. If they don’t then their image is damaged in the public eye. But you no longer see businesses promoting clean.

The Good Old Days

When I was a kid, I remember service stations and restaurants having huge signs announcing to patrons that they had “Clean Restrooms.” When you would visit their place of business, it was expected that they were true to their word and they usually were.

They promoted clean by coming right out and saying it. Companies set their own standards for cleanliness, and stuck to them.

Is Promoting Clean Marketable?

Truth in promoting clean

These days, it is a rare to see anyone promoting clean. Businesses realized that when they are promoting clean restrooms and facilities, it sets expectations. Rather than find ways to ensure cleanliness, just remove the sign and hope no one will notice. This is accepted because the public in general has come to expect that things are dirty?

The fact is that cleaning is no longer a priority. Providing customers with facilities, just clean enough to avoid the complaints, is the new normal. There are few who take pride in maintaining a clean appearance, only providing the bare minimum. After all, keeping a facility clean cost money, right?

It is no longer possible to hand a cleaning checklist on the door and call it good.

I would prefer businesses just hang up a sign that says “Restrooms Left Unattended For Extended Periods Of Time In Order To Provide You With Guaranteed Lowest Prices.” At least then, there would be an honest message and no one would expect anything more.

But what if a business were to re-hang that sign that said ‘Clean Restrooms” and then stuck to the promise. I would bet this would have a bigger impact on their business than other types of promotions. The fact is, people want clean facilities. They just no longer think it is an option.

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  1. Bob Moore
    Bob Moore says:

    ” just clean enough to avoid the complaints” This is so true. And it often seems things are just a so so level of clean because they have not been trained how to clean properly. They go through the motions, hopefully, but are not really removing the soil, germs and staying ahead of odors.

    • BaldGuyClean
      BaldGuyClean says:

      Thanks for your comment Bob! This is why it is so important to understand what the results first. When someone sees these results, they are more likely to be open to learning what takes to get them.


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