remove permanent marker from dry erase boards

Remove Permanent Marker From Whiteboards Easily.

I would bet the day the dry erase whiteboard was invented, while the creator was out to lunch, someone came in and wrote on it with a permanent marker. Thus leaving us all to battle with how to remove permanent marker from whiteboards.

Schools and offices struggle with keeping whiteboards clean anyway but permanent marker leaves many with unusable boards. Whether there is ghosting from poor cleaning or not being able to remove permanent marker from whiteboard, over time they seem to lose their luster and become an eyesore.

No matter if it is a well meaning note or a mischievous student, permanent markers are a whiteboards arch nemesis. They can quickly cause a dry erase board to become unusable or at least confusing. But thanks to a new product, these worries are over. I have always had a few tricks up my sleeve for getting these boards clean but this can be simplified with the Magic Eraser.  With just a little plain tap water you can quickly and easily restore a misused dry erase board to like new condition.

The best part is that these miraculous foam erasers are very inexpensive. Especially when compared to replacing or resurfacing a whiteboard!

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    • BaldGuyClean
      BaldGuyClean says:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, rubbing alcohol does work, but it can be harmful to the surface of the board, your hands and is very flammable. This is why these “magic” sponges are such a great option. They are cheap, safe and very effective.


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