rider floor scrubbers

Advantages of Rider Floor Scrubbers

Auto scrubbers come in all shapes and sizes. From small cord electric machines to large industrial sweeper/scrubbers, there are many options to choose from. The many advantages to using auto scrubbers make them the best choice for cleaning hard surface floors. For facilities with a significant amount of floor space, rider auto scrubbers are a great option. Because of larger width scrub path, added solution capacity and reduced operator fatigue, cleaning with a rider floor scrubbers is a lot more efficient.

Advantages of Rider Floor Scrubbers

Rider floor scrubbers can reclaim many hours of productive cleaning time. This makes it possible to get more done is the same or even less time.

Capacity – The ability to hold more cleaning solution makes for fewer trips to the water source to refill. This can save as much as 30 minutes per trip. Over the course of an 8 hour shift, that can be as much as 1-2 hours of added productive cleaning time.

Wider Scrub Paths – Since they are mechanically propelled, navigating a wider path is easier when ridding. Adding just 8 inches to the cleaning path, or going from a 20” machine to a 28” machine, will save 3 entire passes on a 40,000 sq/ft floor. Figuring 6 minutes per pass, that adds almost 20 minutes of reclaimed, productive time. Over the course of one year, that is 122 actual labor hours!

Improved Employee Productivity – Since the operator rides instead of walking, they are physically able to maintain a more productive rate of work after they are finished scrubbing the floor. This increases employee morale and reduces the chances of operator injuries from manually moving a walk-behind scrubber.

All of these add up to cleaning more area. More often. This makes for an all-around cleaner facility. Just using an auto scrubber is a big improvement over mopping floors, but when you add the productivity of a rider scrubber, obviously, the effect is even greater.

In the proper setting, Rider Floor Scrubbers can make a big difference in the cleanliness of your facility, employee morale and especially on your budget!

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