Safe Cleaning With Water!

****Update**** Activeion is no longer in business. Learn More Here

Ionized water for cleaning is nothing new, but the ability to use it at home is. Ionized water is regular tap water that has been “activated” with a slight electrical charge. This charge splits the positive and negative ions. Just like a magnet, these ions want to get back together with an opposite charge. They combine with the positive and negative ions in soil, releasing it from surfaces. After a few seconds the water is just regular water with dirt suspended in it.  The electrical charge also kills bacteria by causing their cell walls to rupture, much like chemical do, but in a lot less time. Surfaces can be sanitized with a 6 second spray. Most household sanitizers and disinfectants take up to 10 minutes to have the same effect. It’s kind of like a bug zapper for bacteria.

With the Activeion HOM, you can replace many chemical cleaners in your house. Window cleaner, sanitizing spray, wood polish, carpet spotter (yes, it works great on carpets) and general purpose cleaners.

Since it is rechargeable, and refillable with tap water, you can keep it handy to clean at home and on the go. Cleaning dishes while camping, washing hands while at sports practice, even to clean fruit and vegetables picked from the garden.  There really is no limit to what or where you can clean.

Click the banner below to see more about Activeion HOM and to order yours. We have been using this for months and find new uses for it every day!

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