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Saving Your Cleaning Budget

Do you know how much it cost to clean? You will probably point to a stack of papers or a spreadsheet that is the “ Cleaning Budget.”

A budget is defined as “An estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future and a plan of operations based on such an estimate” How has your plan changed lately? Where did this estimate come from? Is it realistic?

Cut Your Cleaning Budget Without Sacrifice

Cutting budgets has been in the news a lot recently. Reducing a budget can be painful without a plan. How would you cut your budget if you had to? There already is not enough time to begin with. The key to any budget is the plan of operations. The reality is that 90% of any given cleaning budget is labor cost. Hiring staff, educating them on their tasks, paying wages are the most expensive part of any cleaning operation. Getting more done with these resources should be the goal. Change isn’t always easy, but here is an example of how 1 minute can make reducing the budget possible.

The industry standard for cleaning a restroom is based on 3 minutes per fixture. (ISSA Cleaning Times) This includes, servicing disposables, cleaning mirrors, fixtures, changing the trash and mopping the floor. So a basic restroom that has 1 urinal, 1 toilet, 1 sink should take 9 minutes to clean on a daily basis. Based on an hourly rate of $9.00, each day it cost $1.35 to clean this one restroom. Over an entire year, the total cost to clean would be $351.00.

Breaking Down Savings Opportunities

What if the time could be cut down by 1 minute per fixture? This would make the daily cost to clean $.90, a savings of $.45 per day. Over the same year, $117.00 less would be spent on this one restroom. This equates to 13 hours saved over a year. If this change is made in 4 restrooms of the same size, the result is 52 hours of time that can be reallocated to other areas. There is a lot of cleaning that can be done in 52 hours when building your restroom cleaning plan. Cleaning restrooms is only one segment of many different tasks that must be done every day. Making small adjustments in several of them can ease the pain of cutting budgets. What other tasks can be done in 1 less minute?

Realize that keeping everyone on task each and every minute of the day is unrealistic, but spending more time on the efficiencies can deliver big results. By teaching custodians to work smarter, rather than harder, the job is more rewarding.

Time IS Money

The old saying “Time Is Money” is still true, even more so when budgets are tight. Make the most of what you have, 1 minute at a time.

Have you had a success with a simple, 1 minute, change that made a big impact on you cleaning budget? Thinking of implementing new procedures? Take 1 minute to post your comments and let others help and be helped.

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