square scrubber floor stripping

Square Scrubber Floor Stripping 101

The idea of a square floor scrubber has been around for decades with limited success. The concept was good but not good enough to change the way the cleaning industry operates. This is quickly changing thanks to the pairing of square scrubber floor stripping with abrasive pad technology. This process mechanically removes floor finish without the need for hazardous chemical strippers.

The concept is changing the way floor care is looked and giving those that choose to understand it, a lot of opportunities. But the majority of the industry does not understand why it works. Here is what you need to know about the dry stripping with a square scrubber phenomenon.

Square Scrubber Floor Stripping Pad

First of all, there is a specific square stripping floor pad that must be used. Make sure it has grit impregnated into it and not sprayed on. These are usually a maroon color and relatively thin, compared to standard floor pads.  They are about $10-15 per pad and will cover 1000-2000 sq/ft. when used to remove floor finish in a normal situation.

Surface Floor Stripping

The process is surface stripping. When you completely strip a floor traditionally, you remove all of the finish from the floor, including the pores of the tile. When you re-apply the new floor finish it must fill these pores. This is why the first few coats of finish do not shine. The light is being deflected by the pores. Once the finish is above the pores of the floor, (usually 2-4 coats) the surface is then smooth, so the light reflects directly back to your eye. This is the gloss or shine.

The surface stripping procedure removes the majority of the finish down to the tile level. Since the grit in the pad is larger than the pores in the tile, it does not affect the finish in the pores. Now if there are years of buildup on the floor or if the finish has been worn off and dirt is in the tile, this is not effective and chemical stripping is the best option.

Advantages of Surface Floor Stripping

But in a typical situation, the surface stripping will do a couple of positive things for you. It will allow you to save a ton of time and effort and product. It also will reduce the chances of slip and falls plus there is no odor.

The dust can be controlled with a dust kit which will allow you to attach a back pack vacuum (recommended highly) It will also save A LOT of finish. Since you don’t have to replace the 2-4 coat in the pores of the floor, your first coat of new finish will shine. You can also use it to strip a floor one day and come back later to apply finish. Since the pores are still sealed, dirt won’t settle in to them and require scrubbing to remove.

By integrating square scrubber floor stripping into your floor care program, you will be able to spend less time stripping floors, reduce the chances of injury and save gallons of finish. Learning the limitations and the effects of its use, gives you the knowledge to capitalize on a revolution in the cleaning industry. Send me pictures of your success!

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