Japanese School Student Cleaning Soji no jikan

Soji no jikan – The Student Cleaning Time For Japanese Schools

Here is a very interesting blog post about the practice of Soji No Jikan in Japanese schools. Translated it means “The Cleaning Time.” In these schools, student cleaning is an important part of the school day. As you can see from the authors comments, the students get a lot more out of their cleaning time than just a clean school. (image via Lifehack.org)

I wonder why this isn’t more widely accepted and if there would be a place for this in the United States? There would be many advantages to having student cleaning incorporated into the educational system.There will always be a need for custodians in schools that specializes in cleaning. After all, there are projects and cleaning tasks that still would need to be done on a regular basis by educated personnel. But wouldn’t  students cleaning help to improve overall cleanliness? The cleaning personnel would be able to focus on performing time consuming and difficult tasks. The level of cleanliness would increase dramatically along with image of cleaning.

Student Cleaning Benefits

Many would argue that schools are turning out students who know how to pass tests, read books and regurgitate information on command. By establishing a life skill, such as student cleaning to the curriculum, students would be instilled with a sense of awareness, and respect for cleanliness.

The fact is there is not enough attention on cleanliness in our society. Proper techniques and the science behind cleaning, are at the root of many of the subjects already being taught.  Including student cleaning would provide logical, real world examples and would make a big impact on the education system. Not only reclaiming a significant amount of taxpayer dollars, but student cleaning would help remove the view that cleaning is a punishment and an unimportant practice.

Student cleaning would teach work ethic, respect and how cleanliness touches our lives everyday. I am all for it!

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  1. T Tierney
    T Tierney says:

    I agree that this is a great idea! Too many tasks are outsourced and children learn very little real life skills. Janitors will always be needed but we all need to have basic cleaning knowledge. I’ll bet these children are far less likely to be careless with their trash or keep untidy desks!


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