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Janitorial Supplies – A Go To Cleaning Chemical

Janitorial Supplies - Choosing The Best Go To Cleaning Chemical

When it come to janitorial supplies, no area gets more attention than cleaning chemicals. There seems to be a chemical for everything. Windows, tile, grout, brass, stainless steel. The list goes on an on. But these precious liquids can also be one of the biggest hazards in the janitorial supply closet. This is why it […]

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Remove Salt Residue From Floors Fast And Easy

winter's mess for cleaning. Salt Residue on floors

Winter Floor Care Winter weather brings with it additional areas of concern for cleaning professionals. The cold and snow add steps to many cleaning routines and present different challenges to maintaining the cleanliness of facilities. One of the most common is trying to remove salt residue from floors.

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Cleaning Chemicals – Neutralizer or Neutral Cleaner?

Do you need a neutral cleaner or neutralizer?

Using The Correct Cleaning Chemicals It seems neutralizer and neutral cleaners get confused a lot.  Using the correct product, in the correct manner, can save you hours of hard work and frustration. For years, I have heard the terms “neutralizer” used to describe a general purpose floor cleaner, which would be incorrect. Like wise, there […]

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Cleaning Chemical Streaks Mean It’s Not Clean

Learning Why Cleaning Chemicals Streak.

Cleaning Chemical Streaks They have been a common complaint for years about window cleaners. There are still smudges on the glass after wiping. Why does this happen? After all, it is window “cleaner” isn’t it? The whole reason for its existence is to get rid of marks on glass, not add to them? Cleaning chemical streaks have puzzled […]

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Restaurant Cleaning and Eating Out Is Hard

Restaurant Table and Floor Cleaning I recently went out to eat with my family and some friends to an upscale chain restaurant. This particular chain goes overboard on decorating. Large concrete statues and fountains great you as you approach the rotating door. Natural stone walls, expensive lighting and very plush seating were carefully selected and […]

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Do You Read Chemical Labels?

Chemical Labels

Cleaning Chemical Labels Have you ever actually read the cleaning chemical labels? I always find it interesting to ask people about their cleaning procedures. In health care, offices, schools and even in their homes, most people rely on what the front of the bottle says and not what is in the smaller print on the […]

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Saving Your Cleaning Budget

Do you know how much it cost to clean? You will probably point to a stack of papers or a spreadsheet that is the “Budget.” A budget is defined as “An estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future and a plan of operations based on such an […]

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