Promoting Clean

Promoting Clean and Cleanliness

Why Aren’t Businesses Promoting Clean Anymore?

When was the last time you heard anyone say “Wow! This place is really clean!”  We are all too familiar with slogans like “Always In Stock” and “Guaranteed Lowest Prices.” Slogans like these hold a business accountable. They better live up to the claim. If they don’t then their image is damaged in the public eye. But you no longer see businesses promoting clean. Read more

Definition of Cleanliness

The Definition of Cleanliness Is Practice

A question that seems to be growing in popularity “What is the definition of cleanliness?” It’s interesting that so many seek the meaning of a term that is goes back farther than biblical times. This may be due to the change of perception.The view of clean and cleanliness is one that is constantly evolving. Thanks to science and technology, the social definition of cleanliness is always narrowing, leading to a need for a better refined definition that justifies results or helps prescribe improved methods. Read more

cleanliness story

Cleanliness Story. Which Version Do You Know?

Have your heard The Cleanliness Story?

There are many versions and they are rarely told in the standard story telling fashion. More often they are told in the impression that is made when they are passed on. It is likely that you encounter The Cleanliness Story everyday, many times and don’t even realize it. Here is one version that stands out for me. I hope it will stand out for you as well.

I saw this entrance mat outside of a rather large private business several months ago. The slogan printed on tells one story but  the large stain, sadly, tells The Cleanliness Story. Read more