Restroom Odor – Do You Know Where To Clean?

Knowing where to clean.

Restroom Odor Does restroom odor indicate a lack of work? I don’t think so. I believe it is due to a lack of knowledge. It has been said many times that the quality of work trumps the quantity of work. Another favorite is work smart, not hard. Both of these are extremely evident in the […]

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5 Valentine Gifts From The Janitor

Janitor Valentine Gifts

Your Janitor Loves You! Happy Valentine’s Day 1. A Deluxe Roll Of Toilet Paper Everyone is always so disappointed when they sit down to find that they are the luck recipient of the last square. Well this Valentine’s day your janitor may leave you your very own emergency roll of quilted comfort. Enjoy a deluxe roll […]

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Who Is In Charge Of School Health?

School Health

  When I was in school health was either a little room with a very cold vinyl bed or it was a class you had to take with classmates of the same gender that taught students the basic functions of the human body. The only person that was in charge of school health was the […]

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