bathroom cleaner products

Bathroom Cleaner Products

Bathrooms have so many different types of surfaces to be cleaned. From glass to painted surfaces to porcelain to stainless steel, there are different types of bathroom cleaner chemicals needed. Multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, bowl cleaner, lime scale remover and disinfectants are the main arsenal of bathroom cleaner products for most. These are all used to clean above the floor in restrooms. Floors should be cleaned with a neutral floor cleaner.

There are some things you need to know when choosing the best options. Not all bathroom cleaner products are the same, so knowing what to look for can help you make an educated selection.  Read more

Ideas for Green Restrooms

Green Restrooms – Ideas That Can Pay You Back

There are many ways to green restrooms. A lot of them obviously involve the procedures and products that are used to clean. But in order to give the restroom cleaners a fighting chance, there are a few ways to make the cleaning easier and can add green to any restroom. Read more

World Toilet Day

What Is World Toilet Day?

November 19th every year is World Toilet Day. This day was created by Jack Sim to bring awareness to the fact that 40% of the world does not have access to sanitary, private toilet facilities. While many who read this site are constantly looking for ways to improve the sanitary conditions for those that have the luxury of a working toilet, it is important to realize what a true luxury it really is.  Read more

Cleaning Older Restrooms

Cleaning Older Restrooms. Age Has Nothing To Do With Clean.

Are you cleaning older restrooms? Everyone loves new, especially when it comes to cleaning restrooms. When floors and fixtures are new, except for some construction clean up, they are, well, clean. But as we know, it doesn’t take long before they are put to use and it’s all downhill from there right? It does not have to be.

The fact is though, new is the exception to the standard. While we would all love to replace restroom floors and fixtures at the first sign of stubborn stains and odors, the goal is to keep them looking new for as long as possible. I have heard it for years, “New is easier to keep clean.” My theory is “Clean is easier to keep clean.” As I have talked about a lot in the past, the key to restroom cleaning, especially cleaning older restrooms, is maintenance. Taking the time to do daily cleaning properly will lead to consistently clean facilities. Read more

Promoting Clean

Promoting Clean and Cleanliness

Why Aren’t Businesses Promoting Clean Anymore?

When was the last time you heard anyone say “Wow! This place is really clean!”  We are all too familiar with slogans like “Always In Stock” and “Guaranteed Lowest Prices.” Slogans like these hold a business accountable. They better live up to the claim. If they don’t then their image is damaged in the public eye. But you no longer see businesses promoting clean. Read more

Fixing Restroom Odors

Fixing Restroom Odor – Do You Know Where To Clean?

Do restroom odors indicate a lack of work? I don’t think so. I believe it is due to a lack of knowledge. It has been said many times that the quality of work trumps the quantity of work. Another favorite is work smart, not hard. Both of these are extremely evident in the world of cleaning. Hundreds of thousands of custodians, housekeepers and janitors go through the motions of cleaning, working hard everyday without accomplishing very much at all. This is not smart, but is it their fault? Fixing restroom odors is easy if you know where to clean.  Read more

nasty school restrooms

Are School Restrooms Really Nasty?

When I was researching what the public at large felt about public restrooms, it opened up eyes to something that I had not really thought about before, how students feel about restrooms in their schools. This, in turn, lead me to go where kids (and adults) all voice their real views one out spoken tweet at a time. I wondered, Are school restrooms really nasty? Read more

Cleaning Public Restrooms

Cleaning Public Restrooms No Shortcuts

When it comes to visiting public restrooms, I always have an opinion on the cleanliness. Either it is a positive one or it’s one that comes with some constructive criticism on cleaning public restrooms.

Having cleaned public restrooms for decades, I would like to say that I have seen it all. But unfortunately, I know this isn’t true. It amazes me how people treat public restrooms. I know it is not the personal sanctuary you probably enjoy at home, but it is still a very personal space for most people. Taking a little more pride in the facilities or showing respect for other peoples property is just the right thing to do. Read more

fixes for restroom odors

3 Quick Fixes For Restroom Odors

Restroom odors are an issue in most public facilities. Here are 3 ways to quickly fix restroom odors that will help you to easily eliminate the restroom stink. Read more

grout cleaning

Grout Cleaning. What Color Is Your Grout?

Do you know what color the grout is suppose to be? Most people don’t unless they were there to see it new or have a great grout cleaning program. Ceramic tile floors are a great surface for restrooms, entrances and lobbies. In fact, even though the cost is much higher than vinyl tile, over the life of the floor, ceramic is always less.

The cost of floor finish, stripper and the regular up-keep makes vinyl tile very costly. Ceramic tile is slip resistant, durable and looks really good. The problems start when we begin cleaning them like a vinyl floor. Traditional string mops, sticky detergent based cleaners and a lack of understanding, can make both the tile and the grout dirty.

Mopping Can Make Grout Dirtier

When you clean a ceramic tile floor with a string mop, a lot of water is left behind in the grout lines. This is the same dirty water that is in your mop bucket. The water evaporates but the dirt is left behind. After weeks of repeating this, the dirt accumulates to leave the grout lines dark. The detergents in the chemicals act as a glue that holds the dirt in place, making it difficult to remove. Since grout is also very porous, this dirt can go deep. This method of grout cleaning is very ineffective.

Make Grout Cleaning Easier

The key to grout cleaning is reducing the amount of dirty water that is left on the floor after cleaning. Looped pile microfiber flat mops work great to clean the floor but reduce the amount of water needed. Keeping mop water as clean as possible also important. A divided mop bucket that keeps the dirty water separate from the clean, makes it possible to start making head way.

A better alternative is to vacuum the dirty water off the floor. This ensures that the dirt will not be left in the grout after the water evaporates.

Grout Cleaning As Daily Maintenance

When you start removing soils from the floor, instead of depositing them in the grout lines, it will begin to restore over time. To speed up the process, scrub the floor with a medium stiffness brush on either a single disk scrubber or a cylindrical machine. This will get you back to square one and allow you to maintain a clean, slip resistant floor going forward.

As always, getting the grout cleaning results you want is not difficult. Once you recognize the cause, daily maintenance makes grout cleaning part of your everyday routine.