square scrubber floor stripping

Square Scrubber Floor Stripping 101

The idea of a square floor scrubber has been around for decades with limited success. The concept was good but not good enough to change the way the cleaning industry operates. This is quickly changing thanks to the pairing of square scrubber floor stripping with abrasive pad technology. This process mechanically removes floor finish without the need for hazardous chemical strippers. The concept is changing the way floor care is looked and giving those that choose to understand it, a lot of opportunities. But the majority of the industry does not understand why it works. Here is what you need to know about the dry stripping with a square scrubber phenomenon. Read more

square scrubber stripping video

Square Scrubber Floor Stripping Video

If you have not heard, square scrubber stripping is taking the floor care world by storm. Because they simplify the removal of floor finish, many building service contractors are finding that there is a great opportunity to improve profits. These oscillating floor machines mechanically remove floor finish, rather than using messy chemical strippers, making the floor refinishing process much faster, safer and easier.

Faster Floor Stripping

Using a surface prep pad that is very course, the high-speed oscillating head of the square floor scrubber grinds off the plastic layers of floor finish. Setup is a breeze. Simple put the pad on the square floor scrubber. Plug in the machine. Start stripping the floor.

Safer Floor Stripping

Everyone who has had to strip floors the old fashioned way knows that stripper is slippery. The layers of finish soak up the liquid stripper and start to slide as they dissolve. Many floor care professionals has war stories about slipping and falling. Square floor scrubbers don’t dissolve the old finish, so you always have solid footing

There is also the odor from the stripper. With chemical strippers, the V.O.C.’s can be a breathing hazard. With square floor scrubbers, there is no harmful chemicals, so no odor. Using a backpack vacuum will keep the dust under control or you can also use it wet, to completely eliminate dust all together.

Easier Floor Stripping

You cannot strip a floor with traditional methods without knowing exactly what you are doing. I have seen many floors ruined by inexperience. Not to mention the time that it takes to learn how to do it the right way. Square floor scrubbers are easier to operate that a standard single disk scrubber. The motion of the scrub head makes the machine extremely easy to move around. There is a very small learning curve!

The Square Scrubber Stripping Video

I made this video to show you how easy it is to strip floor finish with a square floor scrubber. Take a look and let me know your thoughts!