Winter Floor Care Tips - Removing ice melt from floors

Winter Floor Care Tips

Having a  proactive winter floor care maintenance plan is great way to minimize the damage and headaches that winter weather can cause. When it comes to maintaining floors during the snow and ice season, the old adage is true, The Best Defense Is A Good Offence.

Tips For Winter Floor Care

Entrance Matting

As I talked about in How Entrance Matting Works For You, nearly all soils walk right in the door. One of the most important steps in winter floor care is entrance matting. Having quality bi-level matting waiting at the door will trap the majority of the course granules and also absorb the dissolved salt solution. Then it is just a matter of keeping the matting clean. Which is much easier than the entire floor.

Outdoor Sweeping

I hate walking up to a building and seeing a piles of salt still there several days after a big snowfall. I don’t know what they are waiting for, but that salt is still being tracked into the building. Once the snow and ice have melted, get rid of the excess salt. I recommend using a sweeper of some sort to prevent all of the extra salt from going into the landscaping. Sweepers come in many sizes. One of the most economical types are the manual sweepers that are really easy to use and do a great job.

Color Indicating Ice Melt

Several years back, someone added color to ice melting salt so you could see where it had been spread. I personally think this is genius! First of all, it reduces the amount of product that is used. But more importantly, when you are walking on ice ground, you can see where there is traction. Just step where the salt is.

Brilliant! By using color indicating ice melt, and applying less salt, there will be less tracked into the building to damage your floors. Also, using a hand spreader allows the product to be applied consistently over the walkways, with less waste.

All of these winter floor care tips can make a positive impact on the appearance of floors and also safety. What winter floor care steps do you take? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Here is some help if you are struggling with the salt residue on the floors.


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  1. […] make sure to use as little soap as possible or non at all. In the winter months, using a neutralizer or vinegar will remove salt residue and remove the white alkaline mess. […]

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